10 Best Boxing Gloves for Women 2020 Review

Introduction – Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Boxing has rapidly gained fame all around the world and with the rise of female boxers, it is becoming necessary to cater to physical differences. The requirement for durable and versatile equipment is quite important. Hence, we bring you some very best boxing gloves for women for any type of combat sports.

Well, any boxing gloves could be used by women or men given that it fits perfectly. But, certain brands have introduced a different line for women with subtle changes in design, padding, and color.

Here is the review of some popular boxing gloves for women fighters out there.

1. RDX Women Boxing Gloves

Product Description

Boxing gloves for women have often been separated by the men’s by using floral patterns or traditionally female designs, such is the case with this pair of gloves.

The glove outer is double layered and the stitched. Because of the stronger seams, the glove is more likely to hold itself together and go through hardcore training without coming apart too easily.

On the palm, the glove has suede trimming, this makes the gloves durable because of the material used is resilient and protects the gloves from fraying.

The nylon at the cuffs makes the gloves sturdy on the fighter’s hands and keeps the hands stable, it also helps avoid chaffing. The padding of the gloves is shock resistant and made of “EVA-lution” padding that allows the effects of the attack to be spread out and not affect the fighter’s hand as much.


  • Good Shock resistance
  • The fact that the seams are strong makes sure that the glove can be used for a long period of time.
  • Affordable


  • Because it is made of suede, vegan women will not be in favor of using it.

2. Victory Martial Arts Women’s Cardio Kickboxing Boxing Gloves

Product Description

This pair of gloves are made out of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather, although, not as durable as natural leather, is still one of the best materials out there for the making of gloves.

Because of this, the price of gloves also lowers because of the quality. The seams and stitching of the gloves are actually quite generic and these gloves are more suitable for women who are just starting off with boxing.

These are ideal for people who need gloves for the purpose of exercise and not really for training.

The gloves are available in a variety of designs and colors and they weigh from a range of 8 ounces to 10 ounces to 12 ounces. This allows women with different hand sizes to use these gloves with ease.


  • These are cheap and affordable to many women who just want to start off.
  • Have good padding and wrist support.


  • Not recommended for professionals.

3. Ringside Women’s IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Product Description

As far as physical appearance is concerned, these gloves are quite feminine, from the design of the gloves to the color of the gloves, it is very evident that they are made for a woman.

The shell or exterior of the gloves is made out of leather mixed with vinyl. Now vinyl is a type of plastic and any material mixed with vinyl is durable and will retain its structure for a long period of time.

There is also a vinyl overlay on the underside of the gloves, this will protect the gloves from getting wrinkled and misshapen when you fold your hands into a punch. There is also a mesh layer that is present in the gloves that allow the gloves to be ventilated and prevent your hand from getting too sweaty.

4. Twins Special Boxing Gloves

Product Description

The gloves advertise themselves as Velcro boxing gloves which makes it apparent that they are quite proud of their boxing gloves’ locking system.

The Velcro used is quite resistant and will not allow the gloves to pop open or come undone in the middle of a tournament.

This allows the boxer to be more confident in their equipment and perform better. The gloves come in a variation of sizes for women of all hand types and they are made out of leather material.

The leather that is used to make these gloves is genuine and thus, durable. It will last the boxer a longer time and will not fray or wear out as easily as synthetic leather.


  • the genuine leather that is used to make these gloves allows the fighter to use the gloves for extensive training for longer periods of time.
  • It can be used for sparring and Muay Thay.


  • One major con of these gloves is the lack of any mesh layer and ventilation.
  • Not very affordable.

5. Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves

Product Description

The padding of the gloves is made out of foam that can be contoured to suit your hand. Each glove will change its shape over time and shift according to how your hand fits into it. The glove is made out of premium, genuine leather, this makes the glove durable and available for use in the long term.

It is less likely to fray and wear out and start to shed. The foam is quite thick around the knuckles to allow the fighter to attack with gusto, but at the same time protect their knuckles from breaking.

There is also a variation in the sizes that are available in this brand of gloves, it goes from 8 ounces to 16 ounces for women with all kinds of shapes and sizes. The Velcro straps make sure that the gloves stay securely on the hand.


  • The thick padding allows the hand to stay securely inside the shell and prevents any breakage or damage that may happen to the knuckles.
  • The Velcro keeps the glove in place and prevents it from slipping off and is easier to use.


  • The design of the gloves is too eccentric and not at all professional.

6. Venum Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Product Description

This is made out of a semi leather material. This means that it has the characteristics of a leather glove but it also includes materials that help lower the overall price of the glove.

This may affect the durability, but it is still better than a synthetic glove. The foam of the glove is high density, this means that it is thick enough to provide the knuckles and the fist with ample protection.

Another positive feature of the high-density foam is the fact that it helps spread the shock out and lessens the blow that comes with striking. The use of high-density foam also allows you to be slightly more aggressive and vigorous with your attacks. There is also a hook and loop enclosure that is much larger than a regular security system, in an attempt to protect the wrist from breaking.

Venom Contender Boxing Gloves 2.0


  • The high-density foam is a major advantage as it allows the fighter to carry out techniques vigorously without getting hurt.
  • Good range of sizes to choose from for a perfect fit.


  • The semi leather makes it less durable and the foam gets ripped off quickly.

7. Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves

Product Description

This glove is made of premium synthetic leather. This means that it has a higher tendency to be long-lasting than regular synthetic leather. This brand of gloves gives their gloves an additional feature of “everfresh” treatment, this allows your gloves to prevent any bad odors from resting in the materials. In addition to that, there is a layer of mesh that is present inside the glove which allows for a sufficient amount of ventilation and allows your hand to breathe. The Velcro area of the glove is actually quite broad and protects your wrist from breaking. It is available in different sizes ranges.


  • The contouring nature of the foam allows the glove to shift according to the fighter’s hand.
  • A quality brand that is quite affordable.
  • Perfect for professional boxers.


  • The synthetic leather is its major con, makes the glove, less durable.
  • No adjustable velcro strap.

8. Sanabul Funk Strike Tie Dye Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

Product Description

The foam layer of this glove is gel impact, this means that the layer of gel protects the hand from being too severely affected after striking their opponent. This allows the fighter to carry out the harshest of punches without the fear of their knuckles breaking.

The exterior of the glove is made out of synthetic leather, but they claim to have perfected over the years making it sufficiently durable without the use of any animal skin. The size range of these gloves is from 10 ounces to about 16 ounces, making them quite weighted and heavy.


  • The name of the brand provides some sort of security that the quality will be good.
  • The gel impact layer is good for protection.
  • Good for light sparring and workout.


  • The synthetic layer of the glove makes it less long-lasting.
  • The funky design may not appeal to many professional fighters.

9. ZTTY Boxing Gloves

Product Description

This boxing glove is made out of PU leather, this kind of leather makes the gloves durable and long term in nature, without using animal products.

There is a three-layer thick liner inside the glove that protects the knuckles form breaking and makes the padding thicker, allowing the fighter to be more aggressive. The pinhole design of the gloves makes them breathable and allows for a sufficient amount of ventilation.

The Velcro or security system of the glove is quick broad and thick and manages to protect the wrist of the fighter from breaking, it also protects it from cramping and keeps it sturdy and stable.


  • The Velcro system provides maximum security and is easier to use.
  • The dense padding protects the hand.
  • Pinhole design makes them quite breathable.


  • Not very durable for heavy punching or intense workouts.

10. Top King Gloves

Product Description

The padding of the boxing glove is layered and thick, it manages to protect the hand from being damaged even if the fighter attacks too aggressively.

The foam of the boxing glove is also quite absorbent and is able to absorb the sweat and condensation that may gather inside the glove. There is extra foam padding around the wrist as well, to prevent any sort of breakage.

The security system of the glove is a full wrap-around Velcro strap that keeps the wrist protected and sturdy. The foam can be contoured and shifts or melts according to the shape of the hand.


  • The Velcro system is user-friendly.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • Good for heavy punching and intense sparring.


  • A little too expensive.


These are some gloves that are often used and purchased by women to practice their boxing training.

There are variations in design and structure in each glove. Some may be suitable for some type of women while others may not be as comfortable for them.

It is important to go through all your options and select the best fit. The above review might help you choose from the very best tested in the field at affordable prices.