10 Best Boxing Shoes to strengthen your footwork

best boxing shoes

Introduction – Best Boxing Shoes

Much like any other boxing equipment, boxing shoes hold an important place in the eyes of every boxer. The best boxing shoes will provide you the right grip for good maneuverability in the ring.

To have good footwork, it is essential for every fighter to choose boxing shoes with the right thought process. In general, boxing shoes are like leather socks having a flat outer sole.

They are extremely lightweight for the ease of the boxer to maneuver around the ring. If you are aware of the kind of sport that you will be involved with when buying these shoes, then the shoes can be of advantage, otherwise, it can easily be a waste of money.

This can be done if you go through the options that you have and thoroughly research every aspect. You need to know the specifications of the shoes and what they are utilized in.

The Best Boxing Shoes list in this article will help you in doing that.

But before, let’s discuss some characteristics of different types of Boxing shoes.

Types of Best Boxing Shoes

When you consider boxing, for a layman, the first equipment piece that may come to mind are the gloves.

Even for many amateur boxers, the shoes may not seem like a necessary part to pay attention to.

Usually, the fighter will focus on the highest quality of gloves, but, what many fail to recognize, is that in boxing, footwork is just as important as your upper body stances.

Without your legs being in the best shape possible, you will not be able to carry out a good performance. For good leg work, you also need good equipment for your feet, i.e. boxing shoes.

When it comes to boxing shoes, there are different types that you may focus on.

There are three major types; the high top, low top and the mid top.

Apart from that, you may focus on the style of lacing up or the sole of the shoe.

These different factors help in determining the categories of the shoe and thus, help you in making your decision after having most of the information with you.

It is seemingly easy after you deduce the kind of foot that you have and also the comfortability level.

High Top Boxing Shoes

The name is quite self explanatory when it comes to the high tops. This kind of boxing shoe has the top relatively extended. In terms of height, they come all the way up to your mid calf. Boxers who opt for these shoes prefer a higher level of comfort when fighting or practicing.

These shoes will help provide the boxer with extra cushioning around the ankle and the feet, this can be good assistance for people who tend to stumble off their feet too much, or have not had enough practice with balancing or controlling their feet.

It is most likely that the person who will usually go for this type of shoe, are beginners, people who require the extra support and coverage that comes with this type of shoe. people who haven’t quite gotten the hang of balancing themselves and performing moves simultaneously.

These shoes are excellent for training and practicing, for people who are just starting off, this may be the holy grail.

These shoes also work excellently for people who have ankle injuries and need the extra cushioning to give them support and ease.

In these cases, high tops are most likely to offer the most protection.

Mid Tops Boxing Shoes

This may seem like a funny name, but much like the former, this name is also quite self explanatory.

The specifications, however, vary to a certain extent when it comes to these. For starters, the height of this specific type of shoe is about a few inches above your ankle. This may still classify as a taller shoe, but it is not the same as the high top.

The amount of protection on this shoe has decreased because of the decreased coverage area of the shoe. It may not provide as much support, but this shoe has its advantages.

Because of the smaller surface area of the shoe, it is a lot easier for the boxer to be able to move. The mobility increases drastically, if compared to the high top. In fact, this type of shoe is the most commonly used amongst boxers.

On average, fighters will go for this shoe because of the decent amount of protection around the ankle joints, while simultaneously lacking any sort of hindrance when it comes to motion.

People who go for this shoe are usually on the intermediary level and are no longer amateurs, but still, need the support of the shoe.

Low Top Boxing Shoes

The height of this shoe reaches just below your ankle.

This makes it obvious that there is very little protection from this shoe, around any areas above the ankle.

This shoe does not provide the fighter with the most support or protection, but this shoe is able to provide the fighter with the highest level of mobility amongst all the aforementioned shoes.

People or fighters who tend to buy these shoes are usually quite aware of their requirements and skills.

These shoes are most likely used during practice training or casual boxing, not in professional situations.

Boxing Shoe Soles

Soles are also a way of differentiating between categories of boxing shoes. There are multiple kinds of soles out there that are used underneath boxing shoes.

For example, there are shoes available with a larger number of grooves and ridges this is in order to create the maximum amount of friction between the fighter’s feet and the ground.

However, this does become a slight hindrance in terms of mobility, but at the same time, the amount of support that the fighter receives increases drastically.

This type of sole is usually perfect for beginners.

The second option for you is to have a much smoother sole, this increases your mobility because of the decreased friction against the floor.

The choice is up to the fighter depending on what level they are or how they prefer to fight.

The sole inside the shoe is also paid attention to, whether or not the fighter wants cushioning or not can be the deciding force when it comes to the type of shoe that they want.

There is also the option of arching your feet, if you happen to have flat feet and need the extra support.


As you may be able to tell, there are limited options when it comes to the type of boxing shoe that you want, there are obviously variations when it comes to the brand of the shoe.

In order to make an educated decision, you may want to go over the type of feet that you have and what characteristics of a boxing shoe will be able to support them the best.

Now, its time for the Best Boxing shoes list

1. Title Predator II Boxing Shoes

Product Description

The design of the shoes itself is quite sleek and seemingly comfortable. The padding around the ankle because of its high top nature gives the foot a certain level of support and comfort.

There is a thing called the comfort ankle that will protect the ankle from scrapes and any straining that may occur.

Another important aspect of the shoe is that there is a contouring element throughout the material, what this does is that it will shift and mold itself according to the shape of your foot and increase the level of comfort of the shoe.

The rubber sole of the shoe is essential for the improvement in the movement of a person without slipping or sliding.


  • The sole of the shoe is “gum rubber”, because of this the amount of friction is increased to a suitable extent.
  • The area covering the ankle is made out of mesh making the shoe quite breathable.


  • One negative point of the shoe can be its price which is not that affordable.

2. Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe

The shoe is made out of leather and textile, meaning there is some level of comfort that comes with the stability of the shoe, the shoe will stay upright while not pinching the foot at any point.

Reebok is a household name that is often used in terms of buying sports gear and even athleisure, the shoe that is manufactured by this company will most likely be reliable.

There is a rubber sole that is present on the bottom for maximum comfort and friction. The friction created will help a person move around easily without the risk of slipping or toppling over.


  • The arch of the high top to the ankle is actually quite comfortable and allows the movement and mobility of a decent amount.
  • There is an ankle strap present for security around the shoe, boosting confidence.
  • The mesh keeps your feet dry.


  • The price might be a little steep for people who do not want to spend too much money.
  • The glued soles may detach which makes shoes less durable.

3. Adidas Box Hog 2 Shoes Men’s

The shoe is made out of cloth or textile which can be an advantage in terms of movement and such and makes for very breathable material, especially for shoes, which tend to get quite stuffy.

The textile will also be a lot softer and comfortable as compared to vinyl. Apart from that, the shoe has meshing all over, what this does is create ventilation inside the shoe which allows your foot to breathe and prevent it from getting stuffy and grotesque.

It will protect your foot from smelling too bad as well. to add to that, there are suede overlays on the shoe that create durability and add to the upright nature of the shoe.


  • The mesh on the top and around the shoe can be quite helpful during a stuffy environment as it will allow your foot to breathe.
  • There are suede overlays present that amount for maximum durability.


  • Wears out really quickly when used very frequently.

4. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes, Black, 8

Product Description

The shoe is mostly leather and synthetic materials, this type of manufacturing substance makes sure that the shoe will survive and be effective for a long period of time all the while being resilient.

There is nylon weave present for maximum durability, the nylon weave can also add to the durability factor of the shoe.

There is also beautiful embroidery that is done which can attract some people who are into aesthetics, people who like to collect shoes will most likely prefer the physical appearance of it.

It is 6 inches in height and comes in a variety of colors. The fact that it is that tall ensures, maximum coverage and protection of the ankle area.


  • The shoe can last a fighter quite long because of the material that it is made out of.
  • The structure is quite sleek and can easily fit into bags.
  • Much Affordable.


  • There are people out there who do not prefer synthetic leather, this may be an inconvenience for them.

5. Ringside Power Boxing Shoes

Product Description

The sole of the shoe is grooved from beneath, this type of design will allow the shoe to provide a lot more traction between the foot and the floor, this will increase the stability of the shoe and give the fighter confidence in their movement.

The strap that is temporarily attaching the high top to the ankle is hook and lock which is known for its high-quality security, this type of locking system is easily one of the most reliable ones.

The tip of the toe rises a bit and is structured, to allow a certain amount of comfort in the upper region of the foot, this also helps in improving agility and keeps the fighter on their toes.


  • The sole of the shoe has grooves that make for excellent friction when it comes to being on the field or in the ring where the ground is not as stable.
  • The shoes fit nicely.


  • There are inconsistencies in the seams and the stitching.
  • Not very long-lasting.

6. RXN Boxing Shoes

Product Description

There is mesh around the ankle area of the shoe, the mesh is essential in boxing shoes that are usually used when a lot of movement is taking place, it allows ventilation in the interior and keeps the foot fresh in comparison to if there was no mesh.

The overlay is made out of synthetic leather and synthetic suede, this type of material usually assures the person of its long term life span. It most likely will not get worn out quickly and you will get your money’s worth.

The material used also gives a certain amount of weight to the shoe because of how thick and padded the materials are, this is especially good for practicing, it will create some familiarity of being weighed down and allow the fighter to get used to the heftiness.

The sole is made of an anti-slip material which allows for stability on the field and creation of traction, the fighter will be able to focus on the movement rather than the idea of toppling over.


  • The friction that is created because of the anti-slip layer of the sole makes it a very reliable shoe.
  • There is a single layering of mesh that allows breathability.
  • Good quality at an affordable price.


  • There are some inconveniences that have been caused because of the sole which could hurt heels.

7. Stallion All-Pro Boxing Shoes

Product Description

The shoe is made out of the best quality of synthetic leather, this type of material, as mentioned before, is good for keeping the shoe resilient for a long period of time, the likelihood of the shoe getting worn and torn is much less. It will keep the shoe upright and sturdy and the shoe will last you for years.

The mesh that is present on the sides of the shoe is made out of nylon and is woven tight, this type of mesh is useful for ventilation but at the same time, it is a lot more robust than textile mesh and retains its structure, better.

The tongue of the shoe is full length and it is quite padded. The midsole of the shoe is thick density and is quite reliable.


  • The midsole is made of durable material and lasts long.
  • The nylon mesh on the sides allows for breathability inside the shoe which keeps the temperature quite moderate.
  • The padding makes the shoe quite comfortable.


  • Again, since the shoes are made out of faux leather, some people might not like the decrease in mobility and in some situations, comfort.

8. Reebok Women’s Boot Boxing ShoeDescription

The shoe is seemingly quite hefty when it comes to the actual size of it, the top is quite high and the made out of textile materials, this makes the shoe a lot more light in terms of ventilation and passage of air.

The sole is made out of rubber and allows a decent amount of friction between the floor and the feet. It is quite necessary for the shoe to have this feature.

Apart from that, the shoe also has a heavier bottom, this keeps the fighter grounded and also helps create a certain sense of familiarity with the idea of being weighed down.

The arch of the shoe between the heel and the high top is structured according to the human foot which has a slight curve in the middle, this provides comfort to that area.


  • The arch that is between the top of the shoe and the heel is quite accurate for supporting the curve in between.
  • The amount of friction that is created because of the sole allows for excellent stability.
  • The shoes are extremely lightweight which allows you to move at ease.


  • The price of this shoe is not as affordable for people who are just starting off.
  • Getting them on and off could be an issue.

9. Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe

Product Description

The material that is covering the shoe is mesh which makes for breathable material and creates ventilation inside the shoe, this will allow your foot to feel fresh in comparison to a shoe that lacks any mesh.

The sole is a regular rubber sole that is present on most shoes, but it is an important feature that should be noted because of the traction that it creates with the floor allowing a person to be stable.

Another aspect that comes into mind is the fact that there is no high top, for people who prefer that, this shoe is perfect. As these are built for wrestling these might not be as flat-footed as most boxing shoes are. However, some boxers prefer such shoes for sparring or training on mats.


  • One of the most prominent pros is the fact that certain areas of the shoe are made out of mesh, this moderates the temperature of the shoe, considerably.
  • Very durable


  • There have been some inconsistencies where the sole was not glued on well.
  • Not particularly the best choice for professional boxers.

10. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Product Description

There is decent padding around the shoe and around the ankle, this padding also has mesh incorporated which allows a certain level of breathability inside the shoe which keeps your foot relatively fresh.

There is a high top on the shoe which protects the person’s ankle from damage or injury and gives it maximum support and stability, although, the high top is not as high as shoes usually are which can be appreciable because shoes that are too high create stiffness and hindrance in movements.

They are made out of patent leather and have a vinyl finish, this feature of the shoe gives it its resilience.


  • There is a non-slip rubber sole inside which helps the person’s feet to stay comfortable for as long as possible.
  • The material around the ankle is quite easy to maneuver which makes for excellent mobility.
  • Durable and longlasting.


  • The shoe is bulky and quite heavy because of the material which may be cumbersome.
  • Not particularly the best choice for professional boxers


Shoes are an important part of your boxing or fighting kit and thus, a section that you should put a decent amount of thought in to. Many boxers are really particular about the selection of their shoes for good footwork.

The boxing shoes should be lightweight and flat-footed to enhance mobility in the ring. The material should be breathable and comfortable as boxing training sessions are long and tiring.

The review above will help you to choose a perfect fit for yourself from the very best shoes available at affordable prices. If you are just starting off, go for a more normal shoe to get adjusted and then move further to the intermediary level where you may have to put extensive thought into what you are going to buy.