10 Best Heavy Bag Gloves 2020 Review

Introduction-Best Heavy Bag Gloves

It is difficult to find boxing gloves that withstand heavy bag workouts for a longer duration! Don’t worry, we have shortlisted some Best heavy Bag Gloves with a prudent review.

Heavy Bag training is a power-filled workout session specifically done to build stamina of the athletes. This training exercise also improves the agility and power of an athlete. In addition to this, the workout session also benefits the athletes by improving their aerobic fitness, as training on a heavy bag for extended durations will serve as a great cardiorespiratory exercise.

This workout session is usually done for training the athletes for combat sports and some form of martial arts as well because it is a basic training exercise done to boost an athlete’s training potential. Originally, the heavy bag was designed for the athletes to augment their punching power.

The major muscles being used in this workout session are shoulders, arm, back, chest and waist, and it is evident that this workout is a fully-powered training session for all the major muscles of the human body.

The training using a heavy bag; however, requires some protection of the athlete’s hands and wrists, for which purpose heavy bag gloves are used. Let us have a look over the best heavy bag gloves all over the globe.

1. Everlast Train Advanced Wrist Wrap Heavy Bag Gloves

Product Description

The first one on our Best Heavy Bag Gloves List is the glove from Everlast

These heavy bag gloves specifically have their expertise in selling heavy bag gloves and other sports apparel. This product is made from an exquisite state of the art technology, under specific conditions.

These gloves are appropriate for employment in both indoor and outdoor activities. These heavy bag gloves bearing a wrist wrap protection confer greater degrees of safety to the users. The open fingers design enables the user to have greater flexibility.

 The product is also protected by a warranty against defective materials for a duration of 120 days. The warranty is; however, confined to the replacement or the fixing of the products claimed to the company within a period of 120 days. 


  • Perfect fit
  • offers great protection.
  • Ventilation properties
  • Affordable


  • Bad odor like gasoline
  • Lightly padded
  • Not suitable for small hands.

2. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Product Description

This product belongs to the house of Everlast, which is deemed as a professional in the field of sportswear and particularly heavy bag gloves. This product is well-suited and perfect for the training of athletes.

These gloves guarantee that the training athletes get the proper amount of padding as well as providing greater degrees of motion and flexibility as well.

The product is also supplied with a revolutionary dense foam layer on either side to confer higher degrees of shock dissipation while training. The gloves are also featured with exclusive Thumb Lock technology to give added protection to the athletes, training to build up stamina. This product is made of 20% polyester and 80% polyurethane.


  • Shock dissipation
  • Perfect ventilation design
  • 4 months’ warranty.
  • Good Quality brand at a cheaper price
  • Could be used by a pro or an amateur


  • Lesser protection for smaller hands
  • Stitching and Velcro comes off
  • Not sturdy enough.

3. Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps Kit

Product Description

This product belongs to the House of Hayabusa, a top-notch brand specializing in the manufacture of sportswear and sports accessories around the globe.

The selling feature of this product is that is engineered with the dense foam layers that conform to the curvature of an athlete’s hand guarantying a perfect fit with proper motion.

This appropriate closure fit design also ensures perfect flexibility required for the athlete’s moves. These gloves are also lined with remarkable shock dissipation properties, which come in handy for the grappling techniques while training. This product also corroborates ideal wrist alignment and proper delivery and punching, by its well-crafted single splint design.

The nylon lining, PU leather built and mesh palm design ensure high duty performance.


  • PU engineered Leather
  • Suitable for a variety of sports
  • High Durability
  • Good for Entry level fighters
  • An adjustable velcro strap provides a good fit


  • Inadequate cushioning and padding.
  • Thumb placement is unusual.
  • Not suitable for professionals

4. Pro Impact Boxing Gloves- Durable Knuckle Protection with wrist support

Product Description

This product belongs to the house of Pro Impact, a leading brand specializing in sportswear manufacture all around the globe. This premium quality product is engineered by employing superior standard polyurethane material to extend the durability and strength of the gloves.

This product offers optimal protection to guarantee the safety of the athletes during the extensive training sessions. These boxing gloves are engineered with foam core on the inside, outsides and within itself to confer enhanced protection against pressure and blows along with providing wrist protection.  

The product also offers a comfy, safe and optimal feel as it is supplied with tighter wrist support to prevent hyperextension. These gloves also provide a secure-fit as they are furnished with a fully modifiable hook-and-loop closure system. 


  • Secure-fit closure
  • Comfortable overall feel
  • Prevent Hyper Extension
  • Triple-layered foam padding to secure your knuckles
  • Full wrist support
  • Affordable
  • Recommended for professional fighters


  • Minimum shock absorption
  • Some may have size issues
  • Not very long-lasting

5. Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves Gel Sparring Punching Bag Mitts

Product Description

We are halfway down are Best Heavy Bag Gloves List with boxing gloves from Ringside, a leading company specializing in sportswear and accessories manufacture.

This product ensures a non-slip proper fit by a tapered enclosure system for the wrist. The proper hook-and-loop system aids the process of removing the gloves.

The product can be used for a variety of sports, like MMA, punching, Boxing and Muay Thai. This product also features a stay-dry lining to prevent microbial attack hence evading the odor problems altogether.

These gloves are also lined with the state of the art Injected Molded Foam Technology is superlative to dense layered or molded foams which provide better protection and durability. The well-crafted pre-designed hand portion maintains the athlete’s hand and wrist conformation while making strikes.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • IMF protection
  • Good for MMA and Muay Thay


  • Problematic design causes discomfort
  • Not suitable for bigger hands
  • Poor wrist support.

6. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Product Description

These gloves are a product of the leading sportswear brand Venum, which specializes in the manufacture of a variety of sportswear and related accessories across the globe.

These gloves are completely handmade in Thailand. The product is made of 100% premium Skintex leather, which guarantees superior standard experience in every training session. The product also comprises braced palms, lengthy cuffs and density foams which help in providing incomparable shock dissipation, along with supplying extended training duration for the athletes. 

 This product is also lined with mesh panel under the fist, for the thermoregulation. This product also features strengthened seams to ensure durability along with quality, so the athletes can fight harder for extended durations.


  • Ideal for heavy striking and long session training
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Higher protection with triple density foam
  • High-Quality Brand
  • Large Velcro closure system


  • Slip-on more sweat
  • Not very affordable for beginners

7. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Product Description

This product belongs to the brand of Venum, which is a top-notch company for the manufacture of sportswear and related accessories.

This product offers high durability through the top-notch PU leather design. This product is lined with high-density foam on the insides, outside and in between the layers to supply unmatchable shock dissipation while offering protection to the athlete’s hands as well as extending the training duration. These gloves are constructed of premium leather design and engineered with a breathable internal mesh to deliver extended durability. The product is also lined with large braced Velcro closure with the flexibility to ensure a guided fit with support for extensive training sessions


  • Customized fit for athletes
  • Not leather, so won’t wear out much
  • Large Velcro closure system
  • Curved anatomical shape
  • Three-layered density foam for higher protection


  • Seams start to come off
  • Velcro not sticking
  • Not recommended for professional fighters
  • Not very long-lasting

8. Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Product Description

These heavy bag gloves belong to the brand name of Title boxing, a leading brand involved in the manufacture of boxing-related sportswear all over the globe.

These gloves can be used for other sports training like Muay Thai, and are absolutely perfect for the kick blows session.

The product has a high durability with the seams and Velcro being intact after strenuous training sessions.

This product also has an incomparable Gel enforced lining which then provides an unmatchable foamed layer of custom fit and impacts resilience. These gloves also have a D-ring design along with the adjustable strap. The product also comprises a hook-and-loop enclosure system, which ensures the perfect fit of this product.


  • Genuine Leather material
  • Gel lining ensures high durability and good protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Highly recommended for professional fighters
  • Velcro remains intact
  • High-quality brand


  • Heavier than they are advertised
  • Not well suited for beginners
  • Really expensive

9. Fairtex Muay Thai Bag Gloves TGO3 TGT7

Product Description

This product belongs to the brand of Fairtex, a leading brand specializing in sportswear manufacture all across the globe. These heavy bag gloves are exclusively designed for Muay Thai stand-up training, clinching and grappling techniques.

This product is engineered with state of the art technology in Thailand. 

This product is constructed with a superior standard pre-crafted upper leather layer and a single-layered high-density latex foam core system. The leather outer helps in giving this product an overall tough feel to accompany the athlete in the training sessions.

The single high-density foam layer made of latex ensures proper padding and foaming of the gloves, to guarantee athlete safety during the kicks and blows.

These gloves are suitable for the athletes’ wishing to condition their fist or to power their blows. These gloves are handmade in Thailand.


  • Perfect padding
  • Perfect wrist support
  • Premium quality
  • Best for heavy bag training
  • Could be used for multiple combat sports
  • Beginners and professional athletes both can use them
  • Quite affordable


  • Leather wears out
  • Thick wrist cuff uncomfortable
  • Not recommended for professional boxers to use in competitions

10. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

Product Description

This product belongs to the brand of Hayabusa, a leading brand specializing in the manufacture of sportswear and accessories all across the world.

This product is particularly engineered to give a high-duty performance during the bag work and sparring sessions. The product also has a 4 layered foam structure to ensure the protection of the athlete’s hand and wrist.

The product also features a Dual-X closure system to provide a lace-like-fit. These gloves specialize in delivering incomparable wrist support through the tetra interlocking splint system found at the back of the hand.

The product package also includes a premium fiber thumb, used to wipe away excessive sweat.

These well-crafted gloves with superior standard constructed leather yields a supreme crack, abrasion and tear resistance.


  • High-quality engineered leather
  • Lace like fit
  • Splint foam
  • Multi-Layered foam offers good protection
  • Extremely durable
  • Best for heavy bag training
  • Highly recommended for professional fighters


  • Not suitable while swapping gear on the mat
  • Straps require getting used to
  • Expensive

Conclusion-Best Heavy Bag Gloves

Having discussed different best heavy bag gloves from the leading brand trending all across the globe, we now bring to you a set of criteria to guide your decision while purchasing heavy bag gloves.

These factors will govern your choice regarding which pair to purchase, let’s call them deciding factors.

1. Foam Layers, this is to ensure if your product has a single double, triple, or tetra layered foams to prevent your wrists from sparing. More layers add up to greater protection

2. The outer material, this factor ensures if your product will be durable or not as well as the quality of the product.

3. Wrist support, this one aids in preventing the athletes from hurting their wrists. 

4. Gel lining or other layers, this factor guarantees a custom fit.

5. Mesh panel, this factor ensures if your product is thermos regulated.

6. IMF protection, the injected molded foam for greater protection.

The product listed in this article are hand-picked and tested by professionals specifically for heavy bag training. So, you can choose your perfect fit from the very best available in the market


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