10 Best MMA Gloves 2020 Review

Introduction – Best MMA Gloves

With the rising popularity of MMA around the world. the sales of MMA gloves have peaked in recent times. Before we dive into the best MMA gloves available we must understand what actually MMA is?

MMA stands for mixed martial arts, it involves the techniques of the likes of taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu mixed with boxing and punching, making it slightly more aggressive, in essence.

It is slightly more rough than martial arts but requires more skills than if it was just plain boxing.

The sport allows striking the opponent and being harsh whilst doing it. Since the sport involves punching, gloves are very much necessary during the fight or even for practice.

That said, to refine your skills, you will need improved instruments, you may have to do a significant amount of research before setting your heart on any pair.

1. RDX MMA Gloves

Product Description

The first on the list of ‘Best MMA Gloves’ are gloves from RDX which is a popular brand in manufacturing combat sports goods.

The RDX gloves are made out of synthetic Maya hide, this type of material ensures resilience in your product and makes sure that it lasts with you for a significant amount of time, you will be sure to get your money’s worth.

The Polymax Contoured Tri-Slab PC3 Padding has been used in the interior of the glove, it is not entirely resistant but, it does manage to reduce some impact that may occur and spreads out the shock when a person is struck, protecting the opponent from excessive damage. The hook & loop locking system of the gloves makes sure of maximum security and prevents any unnecessary movement of the gloves. The cut curved palm design of the glove has been molded according to a human hand, making it excellent for gripping, and provides a decent amount of comfort.


  • The hook & loop system of the gloves ensures maximum security of the glove on to your hand.
  • The shock reduction that occurs from the gloves is quite appropriate for tournaments but also practice where you may only want to practice your own skills and not actually impact the other person.
  • Affordable


  • The synthetic leather is not always suitable for people who may prefer genuine leather.

2. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Product Description

The C4 foam technology of the gloves provides the perfect amount of padding for your hand and protects it from getting damaged in any situation. The density of the foam improves the grip of your fingers, considerably and you manage to stay a lot more stable, and sturdy, while you are doing any sort of lifting techniques.

The technology is perfect for people who are starting off and need a decent amount of support for training themselves. The ProTex3 wrist Stabilization Technology System is basically a type of cuffing that is done around the wrist to provide support and make sure that the wrist stays upright. This is important to prevent any staining that may occur around the wrist, protecting your wrist from any long term cramping.


  • It provides a decent amount of wrist support when fighting or practicing.
  • The supportive padding is good for practicing, in the long term, as it forces a person to use strength.
  • Good for training and sparring.


  • The thumbs of the gloves are quite flimsy and can easily cause injury to a person.
  • Not recommended for professional fights

3. UFC 5oz MMA Gloves

Product Description

One way in which this pair of gloves will differ from an actual glove is the fact that it does not have finger padding or finger protection, the fingers are practically naked. This feature has both positive and negative points when it comes to fighting or training.

The locking system of the gloves is a secure hook & loop structure, this type of security system is the best kind out there, for gloves. The fingers do have coverage halfway through which protects the first level of knuckles and this section is quite comfortable. It is made out of synthetic leather which is high quality, it can be for long term use and quite resilient. The gloves weigh around 1 pound making them quite light.


  • The fact that the fingers are naked can actually be quite useful in terms of grabbing and grappling.
  • The hook & loop locking system of the gloves is quite secure.
  • Good for professional MMA fights.


  • The fact that the fingers are practically naked can be quite hazardous especially during an actual fight. It can cause the fingers and knuckles to get badly injured because of the lack of any sort of padding.

4. Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking/Training Gloves

Product Description

These gloves have a very different kind of structure when it comes to the way that they are made. Namely, the fact that the hand is given a hood but not thoroughly covered, this, of course, can be seen as positive or negative depending on what exactly you are using them for.

The padding of the coverage is quite good, though. It is made of closed-cell Durafoam padding which is thick in density and provides an excellent grip along with top-notch coverage for the knuckles of your fingers. The separated thumb is also an advantage as it allows the hand to be a lot more mobile, a free thumb also means better grip of the hand of the glove and on any bars that may be used to train with.


  • The fact that the fingers are less covered can be seen as a plus point because of the mobility level that has increased substantially.
  • The lining of the glove is made of a material that makes the glove sweat-free and prevents it from any bad odor.
  • Durable and longlasting


  • The fact that the fingers are practically naked can cause severe injury to the bones.

5. Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

Product Description

These gloves also come with the fingers of the gloves cut off at the first level of the knuckles. These can be perfect for training in the gym because it gives the person more control over the equipment that they want to use or how they want to use it.

The grip on the handlebars will generally be a lot more sturdy and the overall work out will be a lot more steady.

The foam is high density, meaning the padding will protect the hand from any sort of injury that may occur, it will prevent the bones from getting smashed in and protect the body of the opponent from being severely hurt.

The shock is spread out evenly on the face and it does not bruise heavily.


  • The hook and loop closure of the gloves protects the hand from injury by keeping the glove steady and straight and securely on the hand.
  • Good fit due to the double closure system.
  • Better Shock absorption.
  • Recommended for trained MMA fighters.


  • Not very longlasting as stitching is not of premium quality.
  • A little expensive for new buyers.

6. RDX MMA Gloves for Sparring Martial Arts

Product Description

These gloves are advertised as being made for sparring. Now, sparring is not exactly the same as actual fighting, it is more practice fighting, where the person doesn’t have to be hurt and it is more focused on the skills and techniques that a person will use during the fight.

This is important as these gloves have less finger protection and thus are not suitable for actual fights. Mainly, because the force involved is similar to that in violent and harsh boxing.

Thus, a person should use these gloves mostly during training. The PC-3 padding is quite appropriate to help disperse the shock and protect from permanent harm.

It is made out of convEX SKIN COMBAT LEATHER, this makes the gloves quite resilient and versatile and perfect for long term training.


  • The hook & loop strap of the gloves is perfect for sparring and training because it helps keep the gloves in place for longer periods of time which is usually the case in training.
  • Multi-functional as they could be used for Muay Thai, kickboxing and other combat sports.
  • Very affordable.


  • The fact that you are spending money on gloves that are not ideal for actual tournaments can be discouraging for some and everyone may not want to spend their money on them.
  • Sizing could be an issue as the gloves get stretched after longer use.

7. Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training Gloves

Product Description

These gloves are made out of 2 inches of padding foam. This ultimately means that the density of the gloves is quite substantial and perfect for training and even for lighter tournaments.

This will allow the shock to spread out to a certain level. The thumb of the glove has its own mobility, in the sense that it is separated, making it quite easy for a person to grip on to and item, it also makes gripping easier, in general.

The fact that the fingers are not covered, but rather they are hinged can easily go both ways. The securing system is a thick Velcro strap that locks the glove on to the hand making it rather stable, considering the quality of the Velcro.


  • First of all the fact that the fingers are rather “free” makes it easier for a person to allow movement in the hand.
  • The hand is not in an enclosed space and it will not sweat as much or smell bad.
  • Best for longer workouts or training purposes.


  • Not recommended for professional fights.
  • Slightly expensive compared to other gloves.

8. Everlast Pink Women’s Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

Product Description

The fact that they are bright pink makes it very obvious that they are made for a woman.

They are made out of synthetic leather and they are fingerless gloves; which is usually used for training for the MMA. The synthetic leather of the gloves makes them quite durable in terms of long term use.

The locking system is mainly Velcro, which can be very protective depending on the quality, and since it is Everlast, the quality is sure to be substantial.

The separation of the fingers and the thumb allows for a lot more mobility in the gloves, ergonomically.


  • First of all, the fact that the locking system is Velcro, makes the gloves quite user-friendly, in the sense that a person can easily put these gloves on by themselves.
  • The material that the gloves are made out of is quite thick and resilient.


  • The seam and stitching might become an issue after longer use.
  • Very small sized.

9. Sanabul Paw V.2 Gel Boxing Gloves

Product Description

These are made out of more textile-based materials. These types of materials can be of great advantage in terms of comfortability.

A person will be more relaxed in these gloves as compared to the stiff leather ones. The wrapping system is Velcro, this means that the gloves can be put on by one’s own self.

This can be helpful if you are training on your own. There is silicone printed on the fingers of the gloves.

They come in three different colors according to what you choose. They are good for grappling as the fingers are allowed a lot more mobility.


  • The fact that the gloves are made out of a neoprene material makes the gloves dry a lot easier. They keep the hands cool during training.
  • It can be used for lifting workouts.
  • Very cheap.


  • Not recommended for heavy striking or punching as there is no extra padding.
  • Not very durable and tough.

10. Venum “Attack” MMA Gloves

Product Description

The list of ‘Best MMA Gloves’ can’t be complete without these gloves from Venum.

these gloves are made out of Skintex leather. This type of leather makes the gloves quite resistant to any wear and tear that may occur during training or actual boxing.

The interior of the gloves is filled with multi-layered foam. This type of foam will helps spread the impact of the strike evenly in an attempt to prevent any damage to a singular part of the body which can be a lot more harmful and against the rules of the game.

The Velcro wrapping system of the gloves allows the person to secure themselves quite easily. Since the brand is well known, the Velcro is probably of high quality.


  • The Velcro locking system allows the person to be self-sufficient.
  • The shock dispersing feature makes it easy for a person to practice with full force and exude strength.
  • It can be used for heavy training and actual fights.
  • Durable and longlasting.


  • The Velcro system can sometimes fall insufficient to the hook & loop system.
  • The fit could be an issue for many.


These are a few examples of the kind of features that you may want to look in to and the different kinds of options that you have when you are buying the best MMA gloves.

You have to focus on your specific field and your specialty before you invest in a specific type of glove.

MMA fighters should go for gloves that have thick padding and shock absorbency characteristics to secure their knuckles as some fights could go real ugly.

Moreover, gloves should fit perfectly; the hook & loop system is the most preferable and popular. MMA fighters whose forte is grappling and wrestling should opt for gloves that allow excellent grip and mobility of the hands.

If you are a beginner, you should most definitely consult a professional. The amount of research that you do will help you in making an informed decision and give you a product that lasts a while.


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