10 Heavy Best Punching Bags to train with 2020 Review

best punching bags

Introduction – Best Punching Bags

One of the most asked questions about Boxing is what are the best punching bags to train with? Well, it depends on your weight, height, your ability, and the level of your boxing.

Some say the punching bag should be one-half of your body weight while most professional boxers train with much heavier punching bags to increase punching power.

The best punching bag could be determined by its cover, stuffing and finally, it’s pricing!  Modern training methods in boxing have introduced a wide range of punching bags with different shape sizes and stands. Here is a brief review of some of the best heavy punching bags from my list to buy.

Here is the review for the 10 best punching bags available in the market.

1. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy

The 70 lb Poly Canvas Heavy Bag is the best choice for home gyms. Comparatively, it is slightly heavier than most of the 70 lb bags.

Filled with a mixture of sanitized synthetic and natural fiber, the bag offers great resilience towards shocks. 

Moreover, its super heavy bag construction and synthetic poly canvas cover add to its durability. Its heavy-duty nylon straps and adjustable chain height ensures the safety and greater usage.


  • Weight: 70lb
  • Cover: Canvas
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 9/10


  • Quality Brand with a high-quality bag.
  • Composite filling offers good shock-absorbency.
  • Less care required because of the poly canvas cover.
  • Good for MMA and Muay Thay.


  • Only in 70 lb means it could be a little lighter for professional boxers.
  • Not good for heavy punches and extreme punching workouts

2. RDX Punching Bag UNFILLED

This is a complete package from RDX; an unfilled heavy bag with gloves and free chains. The bag comes in both 4ft and 5 ft as per your need. Easy to set up, this is a good choice for gyms and homes.

Synthetic Maya hide leather and its Tethered loop facility offer a great punching experience.  Its waterproof characteristics (to some extent) allow it to be kept outdoors.

For most of the buyers with budget constraints, this is a much more affordable deal.


  • Weight: 50-60lb
  • Cover Synthetic Maya Hide Leather
  • Add. Features: Comes with gloves and chains
  • Rating: 7/10


  • Good punching experience
  • Requires less care and can be used outdoors
  • Much more affordable
  • Comes with gloves and free chains
  • 6 different colors to choose from


  • Comes unfilled

3. Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag

This heavy unfilled bag from Flexzion is particularly best for MMA and kickboxing athletes. It comes with 360 degree rotating chains and swivel, making it convenient for nearly all types of combat sport.

 The cover is made of Poly Canvas which requires less care and could be punched with bare hands (although gloves are recommended for safety).

It could be filled with various stuffing material from the top and the weight could be adjusted as per need.

This is a fairly cheap heavy bag for the gym or home use.


  • Weight: 5.4lb ( Empty )
  • Max Weight: 66lb/39″ & 110lb/71″
  • Cover Synthetic PU Canvas
  • Add. Features: Expert assembly (optional)
  • Rating: 6/10


  • Good quality canvas cover
  • Comes with 360 degrees rotating chain and swivel
  • Affordable
  • Could be filled with various stuffing material
  • Good for MMA, kickboxing and martial arts


  • The length is too short for a heavy bag

4. Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

As the name implies “Omni Strike”, this heavy bag from Everlast is an all-rounder.

It has a C3 foam round panel at the bottom to absorb low kicks and knees while grip handles at the sides provide clinching support for close punches, elbows, and knees.

Everlast never disappoints on quality and durability and this bag proves to be a good example. The cover is of Synthetic leather which enables original leather-like punching experience (wearing gloves while punching is recommended).

This bag is the best to buy for MMA fighters and kickboxers at a surprisingly low cost.


  • Weight: 80lb
  • Cover Synthetic Leather
  • Add. Features: C3 foam wrapped bottom panel
  • Rating: 8/10


  • Quality Brand
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • C3 foam Outer shell at the bottom for kicks and knees.
  • Clinching handles at the sides
  • Best for MMA and kickboxing


  • Nylon straps are not too strong as claimed
  • Not to be used without gloves
  • Not the best choice for conventional boxing

5. Life gears Black Canvas Punching Bag with Chains-Best Punching Bags

Life Gear Canvas Heavy Bag is the cheapest among the lot. This comes unfilled with chains to set it up.

The weight could be varied depending upon the stuffing material. I would recommend, not to fill more than 80lbs.

This bag is best for amateurs or beginners. Nothing could be said about its durability; however, some bags do last long if used with care.


  • Weight: Empty (depends upon filling)
  • Cover: Canvas
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 6/10


  • Extremely Affordable
  • Good for beginners
  • Adjustable weight depending upon the material you fill


  • Not good for heavy punching
  • Not much durable for frequent use

6. Ringside 50 lb Adult Boxing Heavy Punching Bag Kit

Ringside has built a brand name for manufacturing some quality heavy bags at an affordable price.

This Ringside adult boxing heavy bag is vinyl covered which is easy to clean and comes stuffed with natural and synthetic fiber.

This is a complete package with open thumb gloves and hand wraps for protection. The bag comes along with a swivel and mounting clip, ready to be hanged for use in the gyms or home.


  • Weight: 50lb
  • Cover: Vinyl
  • Add. Features: Gloves, hand wraps, swivel, and mounting clips
  • Rating: 7/10


  • Vinyl cover is easy to clean
  • The kit comes with gloves and hand wraps for protection
  • The bag offers  good resistance for vigorous workouts
  • Easy to hang and to set it up


  • Not very long-lasting
  • Price is a little too high

7. Everlast 80LB Heavy Bag Best Punching Bags, Red/Black

Product Description

With the range of heavy bags from everlast. This 80lb bag is one of the most popular ones made of synthetic leather with reinforced webbing. Filled with high shock absorbent synthetic and natural fibers, it offers a good punching experience for heavy punchers.

The high duty nylon straps are of good quality and offer a bit of security. It has a loop at the bottom, in case if you want to make the bag nor heavy and sturdy.


  • Weight: 80lb
  • Cover: Synthetic Leather
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 7/10


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Synthetic leather provides near to real punching experience.
  • High shock absorbency for heavy punches.
  • It could be placed anywhere in the gym, home or outside.


  • The bag may sway a lot while punching.
  • It may feel a little lighter to professional boxers who prefer 100 lb bags.

8. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag 

Product Description

Don’t want to get into the hassle of installing heavy bags from the hanger! no problem Dripex has got you covered with its free-standing bag weighing nearly 135lb. This bag can be kept anywhere on the floor in the gyms or homes.

The bag is made of PU leather and a Stainless steel tube stand. The base is rounded and engineered for maximum stability (recommended to be filled with sand). Dual TPU absorbers and springx4 offer good overall 360 degrees shock absorbency.


  • Weight: 130lb Overall
  • Cover: PU Leather
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 8/10


  • It can be kept anywhere on the floor in the gyms, homes or in offices.
  • It requires less care and can be used outside.
  • Durable and longlasting.
  • Good for MMA and Kick Boxing.


  • Not good for professional boxers as the rebound may ruin the real punching experience.
  • The base may trip when hitting with extreme force.
  • Very costly to buy for home use.

9. Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Product Description

This long-length heavy bag from Ringside is a multi-purpose bag. It is popular among fighters from MMA and Muay Thay who can practice their low kicks as well.

Its power hide construction offers good shock absorbency and makes it more stable and durable. It is a perfect choice for beginners or intermediate level fighters.


  • Weight: 100lb Overall
  • Cover: Powerhide
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 9/10


  • Multi-purpose bag for boxing, MMA and Muay Thay.
  • It can withstand a heavy assault maintaining a good boxing experience with soft outer cover.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Perfect choice for professional boxers or MMA fighters


  • It may be too soft for professional heavy boxers
  • Not very affordable to be installed at home.

10. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Product Description

This is another most selling freestanding bag in the market. Its overall weight is 250lb and has a round base that ensures it can be rolled across the floor to any place easily.

The bag can withstand heavy punches and is quite agile with its rebound. It can be filled with water, however, filling with sand is recommended for higher stability. This one is a go-to bag for all gym owners where most people want to hit the bag with punches and kicks to tone their bodies. Moreover, it has an adjustable height feature to cater to different heights.


  • Weight: 250lb Overall
  • Cover: N/A
  • Add. Features: None
  • Rating: 8/10


  • A high-quality bag which highly durable and can last long.
  • Adjustable height feature
  • It offers good bounce-back and shock-absorbency.
  • Best for Martial Artists and kick-boxers.


  • Not recommended for professional boxing gyms.
  • May trip over if hit with extreme force or if filled with water.
  • Not very affordable for use at home.

Conclusion – Best Punching Bags

The heavy punching bags are not very cheap. Hence, it is important that you research according to your needs based on the environment you want to keep your bag in, fighters that want to train on it, and obviously, your budget.

I have picked some of the most selling heavy punching bags in the market and rated them with respect to its cover, stuffing, durability, and price to make your life easier.

People who just want to buy quickly without doing research should opt for Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Punching Bag which is a multipurpose, durable and high quality branded bag for homes or normal gyms.