7 Best Boxing Mitts to hold your punches

Best Boxing Mitts

Introduction – Best Boxing Mitts

Boxing mitts are the pads that are used by a person when they are practicing their punches. The other person holds the pads up and callout punching combinations while moving around, enabling the fighter to practice will full gusto and strength. In this article, We have shortlisted some best boxing mitts available in the market that are tested by professionals in the field.

Boxing Mitts are the best part of the equipment required to train with because it allows the person to practice with an opponent and it gives them an amount of similarity with the idea and the confidence to go with it.

When buying a pair of mitts you need to do your research and opt for the kind of pads that are best suitable for the kind of sport you are going for.

1. Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Product Description

To begin our list of Best Boxing Mitts, we have Sanabul Essentials Curved Boxing Mitts at the top.

It does not take long for a person to break into the pads, because of the fit. They are molded to fit the curves and angles of your hand.

The foam of the pads are made of Santec’s ultra-light materials, what this foam does is that it absorbs the impact of the strike or the punch that is directed at them.

The leather of the mitts is made of materials that will last the fighter for a long amount of time, it is quite resilient and can take thousands of punches before it actually deteriorates.

The padding inside the mitts is quite comfortable for the person who is inserting their hands inside. The leather is also quite aesthetically pleasing and will look good in your collection.


  • It is made of good leather that is quite durable and can take lots of hits without cracking or getting worn out.
  • The grips are sturdy and comfortable making them very reliable in terms of practice fighting or sparring.


  • People have complained that the item is slightly more firm and it gets the hands too warm than what is comfortable.

2. RDX Boxing Pads Focus Mitts

Product Description

The foam of the mitts is highly resistant and thick, because of the material that it is made with, the EVA-LUTION foam is shock absorbent and spreads out the impact of the punch, protecting the hands from being damaged too severely.

There is a hook & loop wrist strap to keep the person’s hand in place, this type of locking system is easily one of the most secure methods of keeping the mitts stable.

There are perforations on the topmost layer and the main purpose of them is breathability, this type of ventilation will keep the hands relatively fresh.


  • The hook and loop security system keeps the hands in a position that is reliable and optimal for training.
  • The thick foam and padding increase the durability of the mitts.


  • They are seen as slightly bulky by some, especially for sports that require stealth.

3. Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitt

Product Description

These mitts are made out of durable leather which is resilient and last the fighters a long amount of time, the leather also gives the gloves a stylish touch and sturdy exterior.

The contouring nature of the curves inside the foam settles according to the shape of your hand and over time it gets more and more comfortable even when wearing hand wraps, the surface of the mitts is also curved which makes for a better area for the fighter to strike and practice their various punches.

This also allows people to properly align their hands inside the glove compartment, and stabilize their hands for long periods of time.


  • The durable leather makes for a glove that will last you for a long time.
  • The fact that there is a curve protects your hand from straining or cramping up.


  • The striking surface of the glove is too hard than what is required.

4. RDX Boxing Pads Gel Focus Mitts

Product Description

Our list of Best Boxing Mitts will just keep on getting better!

These mitts from RDX are made out of authentic cowhide leather, this type of genuine, natural leather will usually last a longer than a mitt that uses faux leather, it also looks better than what a fake one would look like.

There is a significant resistance towards cracks and tears which ultimately makes the gloves more durable. This glove, too, has a curve on the surface for practicing hooks and jabs from different angles and improve the fighter’s techniques.

The supreme-o shock foam padding allows the mitt to dissipate the impact of the strike and cause reduced damage to the hand. These factors make the mitts versatile in a way and perfect for the human hand.


  • The three-layered integrated gel foam maintains a moderate temperature inside the gloves.
  • The curve helps to not strain or cramp up your fingers when you are boxing.
  • The foam padding is shock absorbent.


  • The gloves are too slick and sometimes slip easily from their hands.

5. Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts

Product Description

These pads are made out of 100% vinyl material, vinyl is not as sturdy as genuine leather or even faux leather but it is still the kind of material that would be ideal in the case of someone who is just starting off in the field.

They are also curved in the middle to give comfort to the hands that are holding it, the contouring nature molds the foam of the glove according to the shape of the hand and gets familiar with it, over time it gets comfortable to use these mitts.

The three-layered foam has managed to make the glove quite thick and padded that is also a source of comfort for the person who is holding the mitts.

The thickness is also advantageous for the fighter as they start to get used to a high-density material and their punches start getting more forceful. It even weighs about 1.4 pounds.


  • Being thick, the glove is quite shock absorbent when it comes to the actual hitting.
  • It allows for the hand to not be strained because of the curve.
  • The small surface area of the pads is known for improving the timing of the fighter.


  • The seams and stitching of these gloves have become bothersome for the customers.
  • Not very durable and long-lasting.

6. Xnature Essential Curved Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Product Description

The mitts are made of EVA-LUTION foam, this kind of foam is well known for being shock-absorbent in nature, this reduces the impact of the punches on the person that is holding the mitts.

The mitts are rather light and do not strain the wrists of the person who may be holding them up for a large amount of time, the nature of the gloves is not perfect for a person who wants rigorous training as the material is not as thick but it is perfect for a person who is just starting off.

There are also small holes on the surface that allow for sufficient ventilation for the hand and keeps them relatively cool and calm. The curve of the pad is also helpful towards the person that is holding the mitts.


  • The excellent technology used for gripping allows a person’s hands to be secure inside the glove.
  • There are perforations on the upper layer for proper ventilation.


  • There is a strong chemical odor that emits from these gloves and it fills up their homes.

7. Liberlupus Best Boxing Mitts

Product Description

The pads are made out of high-quality PU leather that makes the mitts quite durable and resilient from any extensive wear and tear, this makes the gloves a long term purchase that really makes them worth the money.

They are filled with high foaming rubber and cotton making them extremely shock absorbent, the impact reduction that comes because of the material prevents any harsh damage that may occur if there was a lack of these materials.

The curved design is perfect for human hands, the mold is excellent for prolonged use of the gloves as the hands will stay relatively comfortable ad any straining can easily be avoided.

The hook & loop security system of the gloves makes them quite stable during practice and being adjustable they can be altered according to the size of your hand for a suitable fit.


  • The fact that it is curved in the middle makes the gloves quite comfortable and protects from any sort of straining that is possible.
  • The shock absorption avoids any sort of damage that might come to the hands of the person that is holding them.
  • Very affordable.


  • Some people do not like the idea of faux leather and this may be an inconvenience of sorts to them.
  • Not very reliable and long-lasting.

Conclusion – Best Boxing Mitts

Mitts are the kind of equipment that can not necessarily be used in any kind of sport so, when you buy a pair of mitts, be sure to put some thought and research into it, in order to get your money’s worth.

You should check for the prices that are more suitable to you and compare comments that have been made on their durability. Best case scenario; you consult a professional.