8 Best Punching Bag Stands for Gym and Home.

Introduction – Best Punching Bag Stands

For a person who prefers to train with a punching bag instead of a trainer has a common problem of finding the best punching bag stands for their bags. This article will help you find the right stand for your punching bag according to your needs.

There are different types of punching bag stands that exist, you should make a decision depending on the kind of environment that you are buying them for and what kind of sport they will be used for.

People who do not have space to hang their punching bags up will usually opt for a punching bag stand. The stand needs to be sturdy enough that it holds on to your punching bag in a stable manner. You need to buy a punching bag stand according to the weight of your punching bag.

Here is the list of some of the best punching bag stands which are field-tested and are easy to install, hence, worth buying.

1. Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Product Description

To begin our list of Best Punching Bag Stands we have Yes4all manufactured mount hanger.

The hanger is made out of heavy steel and it will be attached to the wall of whatever location you want to hang it in.

This type of steel ensures the durability of the hanger and will protect it from rusting for a long period of time. The black powder-coated finish of the hanger gives it a sleek look and makes it an accessory for your home gym or any regular gym.

There are 8 bolt holes with which the hanger will be attached to a wall. This makes sure that the hanger remains stable on the wall, it will also be helpful if you are training roughly.


  • The wall hanger can be attached to any concrete making it versatile and useful for an amateur boxer.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty, this means that the manufacturers are sure about their product and its resilience.
  • Damps vibration and offers smooth boxing experience with less noise


  • Inconsistencies have been found in the wall mounting. It is seemingly flimsy and the user is unsure of how much the hanger can really take.

2. Everlast – 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

This punching bag stand is made of hard steel. The company Everlast is known for producing equipment that is excellent quality and made from the best materials.

The steel surface is powder-coated to give resilience and protect it from rusting if you put the objects in a moldy area. It gives the stand durability and makes it weigh enough to withstand a large punching bag.

The height of the stand is adjustable and it can fit punching bags of a variety of heights. This feature makes the stand quite versatile in nature. It can hold bags that weigh up to 100 pounds.


  • The fact that the height can be altered easily makes the stand useful for all kinds of sports as it will be able to hold bags of different kinds.
  • It is rust-resistant which makes it long-lasting.


  • The stand can not be installed outside because the material might get worn out too quickly.
  • Not very affordable.

3. Century Heavy Bag Stand, One Size

Product Description

The steel of the tubes is about 3 inches thick. Because of this, the hanger weighs a decent amount which makes the structure of it quite sturdy and able to withstand a decent amount of weight in terms of heavy bags.

The hanger also holds about three pegs on which a punching bag can be installed making the hanger perfect for heavier bags that require a decent amount of support when it comes to being hung up.

Heavy bags can sometimes cause the hangers to break down, this is not the case with this hanger as it is quite sturdy and can take a lot. It weighs about 50 pounds by itself.


  • It can hold heavy bags of various heights and weights with much ease and without breaking down.
  • Durable and longlasting.


  • There have been situations where the package did not consist of the bolts of any instructions which can be irritating when it comes to assembling the product. These inconsistencies are problematic.

4. Tech Tools Punching Bag

Product Description

 This type of punching bag stand is a singular rod that stays upright. This stand is more for lighter punching bags and specifically to hold bags that are used for practicing quick punching.

This detail is important to note as there is no way for you to hang a heavy punching bag on this. This type of stand is not useful for people who like to train with heavier bags.

There is a spring at the base of the stand which helps the stand to retract back to its original position after it has been punched. The height of the bag is adjustable and can be altered according to the height of the fighter.


  • The base of the stand is quite dense and thick which allows the fighter to train with full force and not have to hold back.
  • The fact that the height can easily be altered makes the stand quite versatile in nature and can be used in a communal gym where people can adjust the stand according to their liking.
  • Best for establishing hand-eye coordination for boxers.


  • It can not be used for anything other than light punching bags that stay upright. Meaning it only has one purpose.

5. Best Choice Punching Bag

Product Description

This punching bag stand is quite sleek and can easily be mounted on a wall at a certain height. This prevents the stand from coming in to contact with people.

Apart from that, the punching bag can be hung on a variety of heights according to what the fighter prefers. It also consists of a pull-up bar that is attached to the structure. It is made out of shock-absorbent iron sand that protects the product from rusting easily.

There is a plastic cover on the stand which makes it durable. It can hold up to 264 pounds of weight of punching bags and can be mounted on many locations. It weighs about 52 pounds.


  • The best part about this bag is that it can hold the bag up to a decent height which allows the fighter to train easily.
  • The fact that it is made out of good materials makes it resilient and able to last a long while.


  • The height can not be adjusted without buying additional rings for the chain.

6. Three-Station Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand By Everalast

Product Description

The material used in the manufacturing of this stand is from material like ABS plastic and steel. The plastic protects the stand from rusting too quickly and making it durable for as long as physically possible.

The dense steel gives the stand its resilience and allows it to hold a decent amount of weight of a heavy punching bag. There are two legs that are attached to the stand which make sure that the stand stays upright. The height of the punching bag can be adjusted according to how tall or short the fighter wants the stand to be.

It will stay upright no matter how rough you are with it. This steadiness of the stand makes it one of the best on the market and worth the money.


  • The fact that it does not require to be hung or installed in any are and can be moved to a different location if the need arises.
  • It can hold a decent amount of weight because of how dense it is.


  • People who like a stand to be installed will not prefer this.
  • Not very affordable.

7. Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand

Product Description

This stand is made of steel. The tubes are quite dense and not prone to rusting because of the material they are made out of and also the fact that they are covered with powder and thoroughly coated with it, preventing external weather from causing the stand to get too rough and dingy too quickly.

It will be able to retain its shape for a long period of time. There are 3 weight plate pegs that are used to hold up the punching bag, with the help of the three pegs the bag will be held up for a long time in a very stable manner. It weighs about 63 pounds.


  • It will support up to 80 inches in height of punching bags.
  • It is quite durable because of the materials that it is made of.
  •  It can hold up to 100 pounds in weight.


  • People or gyms that prefer the stand to be attached will refrain from buying this, it all comes down to preference.
  • the fact that it can not hold more than 100 pounds can be irritating because many fighters do require bags that are around 200 pounds.

8. THE CHAMP Heavybag Stand Single Station

Product Description

The stand is made out of powder-coated steel which protects the stand from rusting easily especially if it is kept in an outside environment.

It consists of two weight plate holders for a maximum balance of the stand and can hole up to 100 pounds in weight of punching bags.

The heavy-duty nature of the steel frame makes it very dense and allows it to hold a decent amount of weight when it comes to the actual heavy bag. It weighs about 43 pounds in weight and can be moved around with ease. It is about 83.5 inches tall in height.


  • The fact that it weighs a lot means it is quite stable even if the fighter is rough with it.
  • It can be used in an outside environment.
  • It can be used for combat sports other than boxing i.e. Muay Thay, Kickboxing and MMA.


  • The assembly of the frame isn’t entirely hassle-free.

Conclusion – Best Punching Bag Stands

In conclusion, the frame that you buy will define the kind of training that you do.

There is a range of best punching bag stands that are available on the market and it depends on the kind of sport that you plan on indulging in.

The price point that you can afford and where exactly do you plan on keeping the stand.

All these are important factors that need to be looked into when you are buying a stand, otherwise, you might end up wasting your money on equipment that might end up not being as useful.


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