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Introduction-Best BJJ GI

A standard BJJ gi is the most essential requirement for any fighter who is interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wants to practice this form of martial arts. In this article, you will find some Best BJJ Gi that has been reviewed and tested by professionals.

Training while wearing the jiu-jitsu gi provides added friction which makes the escape like other manoeuvers difficult. 

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi is a specific training uniform designed particularly for the Brazilian jiu-jitsu which is inspired by keikogi, for Kodokan judo and other Japanese martial arts. The gi which translates to apparel or clothing is generally comprised of a hefty cotton jacket, underpinned drawstring trousers, and the rank bearing belt. Some non-Japanese speakers often address Brazilian jiu-jitsu as kimono.

Strict rules and regulations follow with the Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For instance, the internationally permissible colors are blue, white and black with zero tolerance for mixed colors.  A set of strict regulations termed as IBJJF rules governs that there are no violations observed by either of the contestants.

For instance, the International Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Federation specifies the guidelines regarding the fabric of the gi, which should preferably be cotton, the belt width must not exceed 5 cm and a trainer is not allowed to paint his gi. Jui-jitsu shares a similarity with kodogi with only a slight difference. A judo gi may be worn for BJJ tournaments; however, the jiu-jitsu gi doesn’t meet the tournament guidelines for Kodogi.

1. Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu gi

Product Description:

This BJJ gi belongs to the brand of Hayabusa which is a leading name involved in the manufacture of Jiu-Jitsu gi. Hayabusa works on the same objectives as those of jiu-jitsu that is, rising to the newer levels of excellence each day and making your today better than your yesterday.

Hayabusa aims to achieve perfection with its meticulously hand-crafted designs using ultimate high-quality materials and exquisite manufacturing techniques

The material of the jacket is 420-gsm pearl-weave cotton whereas Pants: 8oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend. The seams are reinforced to withstand years of arduous and extensive training sessions, hence making this apparel extremely durable.


  • Extremely Durable
  • The fabric has an extremely light feel, which is well-suited for the hot grappling sessions.
  • This product fits perfectly well.
  • Due to pre-washed conditions, the fabric does not shrink after subsequent washes at all.


  • The customers usually complain that the pants don’t’ fit well, and they manage to slip down.

2. Jayefo Men’s BJJ gi Brazilian JIU Jitsu

Product Description:

This product belongs to the House of Jayefo, another leading manufacturer of the BJJ kimono and gis. This fabric gives you long-lasting durability owing to strong by-hand stitching on the tough common tearing points.

The product comprises of exquisite design and extraordinary material designed to give the customers a feather-light feel while practicing. The material of the jacket is 450 GSM cotton and with Premium 12oz ripstop Pants.

The intricate cuff and side slit detailing will leave you speechless! The athletes can carry this BJJ gi to their gyms and training centers for practice quite conveniently as it perfectly fits within the carrying pouch of the gym bag. The extremely comfortable and feathery-feel collar prevents the trainers from getting skin rashes.


  • This product has a two-year warranty, which they completely own, as strongly they believe in customer satisfaction.
  • This product also includes a high-quality white belt free of the cost offered within the package.
  • This well-ventilated training suit keeps sweat and all the bad odors at bay.
  • Affordable


  • The waistbands don’t hold the pants well.
  • Not very long-lasting.

3. Sanabul Core Competition BJJ Gi

Product Description

This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi belongs to the house of Sanabul, who believe in the Jiu-jitsu principle, and is always ready to provide you with the equipment to fight back on the jiu-jitsu mat.

The Sanabul core is specifically engineered to assist you in fighting all the adversities whilst managing maneuvers to knock down your opponent on the jiu-jitsu mat.

This gi gives a perfect slim fit, having the honor to be the only preshrunk competition gi all around the globe, implying that they can be carelessly washed in cold water and dried afterward without worrying about shrinkage. The fabric of Sanabul Core is extraordinary, being assembled after careful hours of laboratory testings and recommendations from the experienced professional players.


  • This brand has its sizing chart, quite different than those of the other brands, giving it a competitive advantage over the other ones.
  • This product has an excellent washing capacity and almost refuses to wither away.
  • The feel of this fabric is made to be ultra-light to facilitate the players.
  • The product is approved by IBJJF
  • Lomg-lasting even after several washes.


  • The belt cords get frayed towards the end after a few washes.
  • A little expensive.

4. Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi

Product Description:

Our Best BJJ GI list will get better with this product that belongs to the house of Venum, a leading brand involved in the designing of the BJJ gi.

This product is the next generation and a modified version of Venum BJJ Contender Gi and is much more resilient, comfortable, and long-lasting than the last one. The fabric of the jacket is composed of 100%pearl weave cotton, with an underpinned seam. The players are assisted in countering the opponents’ attacks and resisting the grips with the EVA foam reinforced collar.


  • The material is composed of 100% cotton.
  • This BJJ gi has a pearl weave cotton jacket to give an overall light feel.
  • The reinforced seams add to the durability of the material.


  • The jacket sizes are generally small and don’t even tuck into the pants, and come out easily.
  • This gi does not handle the steam drying at all and shrinks considerably.
  • This product does not offer a free belt.

5. Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Premium 350/450 Uniform

Product Description

This Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gi premium uniform belongs to Your Jiu Jitsu Gear. The product is specifically tailored by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialists with more than half a century experience. This BJJ gi also prevents you from becoming a free billboard advertising the name of the brand you bought your kimono from and now regret buying it and hence gives the athletes the liberty to advertise whichever patches they want to. This product is available in four different colors, white, black, grey and blue.


  • The product offers full liberty of customization to the athletes, to help them display the patches of their schools or coaching centers. 
  • All the seams are reinforced hence adding to the strength and durability of the fabric.
  • Affordable.
  • Light Fabric.


  • The color is said to get faded after subsequent washes.

6. Sanabul Highlights Professional Competition BJJ Jiu Jitsu gi IBJJF Approved

Product Description

This product belongs to the house of Sanabul who believes in providing the world with high-quality and IBJJF approved BJJ gi and kimono. The specialized sizing particular to this brand might confuse some customers but once the athletes have compared their sizes to that of the chart, there is no ambiguity left.

The Santec Light-weight preshrunk fabric is tailored to be feather-light and comfy as well as has a rough exterior to prevent the opponent from having a grip on you.


  • This fabric has been pre-treated with anti-microbial agents to prevent the spread of fungal and bacterial infections.
  • This BJJ gi also has undergone an anti-odor treatment which helps to keep all the bad odors at a safer distance.
  • This BJJ gi is the IBJJF competition approved.


  • The fabric of the pants of this BJJ is said to be extremely thin.
  • The arms fitting to be a bit narrow for some people.

7. Elite Sports BJJ Gi for Men IBJJF Kimono BJJ Gis

Product Description

This BJJ gi belongs to the brand name of Elite sports, working to provide perfectly tailored BJJ gi to the players. This brand’s BJJ gi is available in a wide range of sizes and colors for all genders aged 18 up to 55 years. The light-weight material in BJJ gi is said to absorb sweat faster hence leaving no bad odors for the players.

This BJJ gi fits perfectly well and the slim fit well often seems like the BJJ gi was custom made for a specific athlete. This BJJ gi is available in the classic colors, like; black, pink, navy, gray, blue, green and white.


  • This BJJ gi is made of pre-shrunk fabric so the athletes wouldn’t have to stress about their lightweight BJJ gi shrinking.
  • This BJJ gi is also approved by IBJJF so the players can wear it to the legalized tournaments held by IBJJF.
  • This Kimono is pre-treated with anti-odor reagents to prevent the rancid odors from distracting the athletes from their training.
  • Affordable.


  • The waistbands are said to be of elastic and hence have no holding power.
  • Some customers complained that the product fits too tightly near the shoulders and elbows.

8. Fuji BJJ uniform

Product Description

This BJJ gi belongs to the brand name of Fuji, who has the honor to be best-selling and most trusted BJJ gi brand worldwide. The Fuji All-Around is an award-winning kimono that is also noted by various industry publications. 

The fabric of this BJJ gi is mid-weight, 100% cotton blend, stiff and the collar is thick. The reinforcements are spread across multiple layers covering all the stress points, particularly engineered for comfort, easy fit, resilience, and durability. The purpose of this BJJ gi is to assist the players in achieving excellence. This BJJ gi is also legalized by IBJJF.


  • This BJJ gi is composed of a premium cotton blend giving it ultra-light feel.
  • The reinforced stress points and dense seam points add to the durability.
  • IBJF certified.


  • The arms are a little too baggy.
  • Pants often slide down due to a mediocre quality waistband.

9. BJJ gi for Men and Women Grappling gi Uniform Kimonos Ultra-light.

Product Description

This product belongs to the brand name of Hawk Sports, another leading company involved in the manufacturing and design of the BJJ gis.

This product has been engineered with a long-lasting 350 gsm pre-shrunk pearl weave fabric, whereas the ripstop pants weighing 10oz and the rope drawstring are fully in compliance with IBJJF rules and are legalized by it.

This Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi also includes a free of cost white belt completed with a black rank bar. This will help you save time and money that are to be spent on a belt.


  • Ultra Light-weight.
  • This BJJ gi bears no logos or labels on the front so that the players can add the patches of their academies or training centers.
  • Extremely affordable price with good quality.


  • The product is complained to shrink a little much after washing.
  • Some customers complain that the fabric and color tone of the pants feel entirely different and of low quality.

10. Sanabul Essentials V.2 Ultra-light Preshrunk BJJ Gi

Product Description

The last Gi on our Best BJJ Gi list is from very popular Sanabul Essentials.

The uniqueness of the products of this brand is that gear exquisite high quality and top-notch products for their consumers while maintaining a tough check on R&D and ensuring easy access worldwide.

The preshrunk gi eliminates the whole debate about water temperatures or the drying requirements, without worrying about the shrinkage. This product gives an overall ultra-light feel, the lightweight gis are well-suited for the hot summer months and also to keep the athletes light and active during the training sessions.


  • This BJJ gi is treated with antimicrobials to help the material stay cleaner for a long duration during the tournaments. 
  • This BJJ gi is also pre-treated with anti-odor agents to prevent unwanted odor and helps it stay dryer for a longer duration. 
  • The stiff rubberized collar, single weave design, and tapered sleeves guarantee both speed and firmness.
  • Pre-shrunk Fabric.


  • The jacket length is a bit longer.


Having discussed the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform in detail, most of you will be able to conclude the essential key points for yourself.

We are; however, here to provide you with all the necessary help that you need while purchasing your Best BJJ Gi.

The decision to choose a BJJ gi firstly requires you to have an interest in this martial art as well as a teacher or an academy where you might learn this because otherwise, your uniform will wither away without even being used properly.

So for all those of you, looking for the key points through which you can pick or reject a particular kimono or BJJ gi, you are at the right platform.

The criteria for selection comprises a set of characters, for instance, width, fabric, and the sizes of course.


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