Best Boxing Gloves For Training

Introduction-Best Boxing Gloves For Training

Boxing training sessions can be long and taxing. It is important that one should have proper boxing gloves for training to save hands from injury. So, We have shortlisted some of the best boxing gloves available in the market for training.

There are also people out there who like to box or kickbox just for the fun of it or for working out purposes. Nevertheless, your sparring boxing gloves should be durable enough to withstand heavy contacts on mitts or punching bags.

Although, if you aren’t training professionally, it does not really matter if you have gloves or not, if you can afford them the best suggestion would be to go for a pair of gloves that come from a legitimate company and the price range isn’t alarmingly low or too high that you invest too much money into something you aren’t thoroughly informed about yet.

Factors selecting best boxing gloves for training

There are certain factors that you have to keep in mind when buying a pair of gloves for the sole purpose of training.

If you are not buying gloves for leisure purposes, it is best if you research the kind of gloves you want to go for or else, spending money on gloves that you might not use in the future is wasted money.

The price at the quality you are getting should be too proportionate. If the foam used isn’t as well manufactured, but the gloves are charging you for one, it’s possible that it is off of the brand’s name. do not fall for this trick.

The gloves should be comfortable for your hand as well and not just sturdy, if your hand is not at rest inside the glove and provided with a decent casing to keep your hand stable, it will be more prone to getting fractured or injured.

The padding should be thick enough that your hand gets ample support in order to perform well. Your hand should feel secure inside the glove or it could be harmful to your confidence as well, opt for a glove that makes you feel comfortable.

The material that they are made out of can be a factor that decides whether the glove is of good quality.

It is possible that the material they are made out of is prone to get worn out a lot quicker and that can be bad for durability and can cost you much more in the long term because they may have to be replaced every few months.

To avoid this, make sure you invest in a good glove once, from a good company after researching it and save up if you have to instead of spending on a cheap one.


Reviews are also something that you should pay attention to, whether it be online or from someone who is experienced in the department.

It’s better to consult a professional in this case who you know or who someone told you about, instead of relying on online reviews, there is no legitimate way of confirming if the reviews are valid and authentic.

Especially if you are planning on spending a decent amount of money, sources that are not dependable can cause you to burn a hole in your pocket and you not even getting your money’s worth.

Some Popular Brands-Best Boxing Gloves For Training

Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

These gloves are made out of goat leather which in itself gives the glove an edge in terms of exterior material.

Nylon thread has been used to put the pieces together that give the gloves the feature of durability. It does take some time to break into them, though, but once you do, these are handy gloves.


  • Quality Leather material
  • hoop and loop strap closure for wrist support
  • thick padding
  • durable and long-lasting


  • A bit too expensive to start with.

Boon Sport Leather Training Gloves

Theses gloves are hand-made in Thailand from top-grain leather that adds to its durability.

The special thing about these gloves is that there is a two-inch layer of foam in the gloves protecting your hand from injuries or fractures. There are hand liners present in the glove that lessen the possibility of humid hands.


  • Top quality leather
  • velcro strap for easy release
  • thick padding
  • durable and long-lasting


  • A bit too expensive to start with.

Ring To Cage C17 Japanese Style Boxing Gloves

The layered padding and the nylon padding makes the gloves comfortable yet durable and a lot more worthy of the money you are planning to spend on the gloves. The best part about these gloves is that they do not require to be broken in.


  • Good padding even on the thumb
  • velcro strap for easy closure
  • good fit
  • durable


  • not very popular among professionals

Fairtex Training Sparring Gloves

This is a popular brand for making some high quality genuine leather gloves.

The hook of these gloves is quite secure as compared to other gloves that protect the wrist from spraining and in worst cases from fracture and injury. It gives the wrist a level of support that no other gloves can give.

There is an ample amount of padding in the gloves, but regardless, it does not cause the glove to become too stiff, instead, it does not require being broken in too much, either.

It is a comfortable glove that gives your hand excellent support without excessive weight.


  • Genuine Leather
  • velcro strap
  • Good padding and wrist support
  • durable
  • affordable


  • not recommended for women as the size may differ

Title Gel World Sparring Gloves

There is a gel enforced lining inside the glove which maintains a cool and comfortable temperature as compared to the traditional gloves which cause hands to get humid. The lining also manages to make the gloves layering a lot thicker and thus, has a significant effect on the support and stability of the glove. There is also a multi-layered foam padding that awards the gloves with the feature of further support and the material used makes it quite durable.


  • High quality brand
  • All leather outer
  • thick padding
  • durable and long-lasting


  • Some may have issues with the size
  • Expensive to start with

Top King Super Star Air Boxing gloves

This is a Muay Thai brand and while it is specifically made for Muay Thai, which is different from regular boxing, the glove can be used for regular boxing as the main essence is more or less the same, making the instruments used quite similar and versatile, allowing them to be used in different circumstances.


  • premium leather
  • velcro straps closure
  • good padding and wrist support
  • comfortable


  • Very flash design
  • not much could be said about its durability

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

This brand makes gloves that are decent quality and also relatively cheap, although they are not as advanced as gloves of other brands.

They are best used in the situation where the fighter or the trainer is a beginner and just starting off with the sport.


  • High quality material (Skintex leather)
  • Thick foam and strengthened seams
  • Good shock aborption
  • durable
  • size chart
  • Extremely affordable
  • Best for starters


  • Not vey good padding
  • Not recommended for professionals


Whether it be professional or casual, training requires certain conduct and the requirements usually suggest certain instruments that become of the essence, thus, when buying a pair of gloves, keep in mind the level of training you want to do and also your affordability.

This article will help you to make an educated decision. However, if you want more knowledge on Boxing gloves, do visit 10 Best Boxing Gloves 2020 Review


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