10 Best Boxing Gloves 2020 Review

best boxing gloves

Introduction-Best Boxing Gloves

Most professional boxers look for best boxing gloves available in the market! Boxing gloves are an important requirement when it comes to practicing.

Most people will disregard them and use bandages instead, but that does not help you get used to the feeling of your hands weighing you down during the fight.

Boxing gloves are available in a variety of categories ranging from different sports to sizes to the kind of material that is used to make the gloves.

All of this is important to consider when you are buying a pair of boxing gloves because it will depend on the choice you make, how good your game can be, and if or not you are unlocking your full potential.

Here is our list for top 10 boxing gloves available in the market

1. RDX Boxing Gloves for Training & Muay Thai

Product Description

The structure of the gloves is made out of maya hide leather making it very good for mobility and resilience. The thick padding of the gloves guards your hands against extreme shocks while throwing hooks and jabs. It is made of layers of thick “supremo” shock foam, which is responsible for absorbing shock and can help your wrist from any damage that might occur while striking.

The Quadro-dome technology of the layered foams gives the gloves their sturdiness. This is important for gloves that will be involved with combat inside the ring and not just for practice or simple exercises. The layered foam is also helpful in shock reduction.


  • The main pro of the glove is that the material of it makes it more resilient as compared to other gloves of a similar kind.
  • There is an extra-long band that allows for maximum security and support.
  • The price is also quite affordable.


  • Synthetic leather may not give the real feel as original leather.

2. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Product Description

The C4 technology of the boxing gloves makes for excellent padding of the gloves which in turn means exceptional support and also a comfortable interior. The padding also allows a strong grip which makes for a powerful punch during combat.

 The ProTex3, wrist stabilization technology that is present around the cuffs of the gloves makes for the kind of support that no other glove will be able to provide. The entirety of the glove is for the protection of your wrist while at the same time it is a power-packed punch. This is very important when a person is about to be faced with harsh strikes and jabs.


  • The characteristics of the glove make it so that the glove protects the wrist from hyperflexion and strain, which is usually the case with many gloves.
  • The material makes it tough and durable.
  • Extremely affordable


  • It is made out of vinyl and not leather.
  • The wrist straps are too short and can not be put on by one’s self.

3. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves

Product Description

There is around an inch of padding in the layers of the glove. This makes for the excellent fit of the glove and protects your hand and wrists from any sort of strain and bruises. This is an important feature of the gloves that becomes quite useful in combat.

These gloves weigh about 14.4 ounces which is useful in terms of which comparatively light in terms of weight and mass. Lightweight gloves can easily be used with heavy bags and are good for when you want a quick workout. Apart from the Velcro, there is also an adjustable hook and loop strap.


  • The open thumb of the glove makes for a more compact wrist action.
  • There is a Velcro wrist closure that makes it easier for a person to secure themselves.
  • Very affordable.


  • Some people are usually not comfortable with the Velcro as it is not as secure as a strap.
  • Not very durable and longlasting.
  • Not recommendable for training with heavy bags.

4. ZTTY Boxing Gloves

Product Description

These are training gloves that are made out of PU leather. This specific kind of leather is strong and durable making the glove, worth the money. The leather also makes the gloves a lot more comfortable. This leather is an important constituent in the fact that gloves will not get worn out in a short amount of time and will last you a long while.

 There are perforations in the gloves that allow for air to go through. This type of ventilation can be very important for the hands to not get clammy and disgusting, it can cool your hands down in an easier way.


  • There are pinholes in the structure of the glove that makes the glove quite breathable and the temperature remains moderate.
  • The wrist strap is quite long and the person can manage to secure themselves plus it gives a good fit.
  • Durability with affordability.


  • The material of the glove may not be suitable for some people who prefer genuine leather to faux leather.

5. Venum Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Product Description

The foam of the glove is high density and protects the wrist from any sort of damage or strain that may come during boxing. The leather of the glove is mixed with other materials in order to make it quite durable.

Mixed leather will usually be more sturdy than other materials. These gloves are more protective than their previous generations in terms of padding and coverage of the hand. There is a hook & loop system that is present to secure the glove on to the wrist. These gloves weigh around 2.5 pounds which makes them heavier and more effective when it comes to the actual combat.


  • The security system is a hook & loop closure which is obviously more secure.
  • The fitting of the gloves is also better, making for a snug interior.
  • Tough and durable, could be used for training with heavy bags.


  • Mixed leather cannot be comparable to genuine leather.

6. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

Product Description

These boxing gloves can be used for multiple types of sports and are quite versatile when it comes to that. The design of the gloves is also quite compact and hence, makes for a very secure and tight interior, in fact, the fitting of the gloves is one of its most useful characteristics. It tightens the gloves securely on to your hands and, in turn, your hands will not flail about inside the gloves and risk any sort of damage. They weigh about 2 pounds which put the gloves in the heavy category, practice with these gloves can help you gain strength and control when it comes to training and skills.


  • The fact that the glove is made out of genuine leather makes it one of the most sought after pair of gloves on the market.
  • The Velcro straps of the gloves make it easier for a person to put them on themselves.
  • Very durable and longlasting,


  • The price of the gloves may be slightly too high for people who are just starting off and don’t prefer spending a lot of money on the gloves.

7. Anthem Athletics STORMBRINGER II Leather Boxing Gloves

Product Description

These gloves are made of genuine leather. This can count as an important trait when it comes to materials because many people prefer real leather as compared to mixed leather or vinyl. Apart from that, the exterior of the gloves is also quite stylish and attracts people to it. The foam of the gloves is high impact meaning the padding is thick enough to make an effective punch. There is also a breathable mesh panel that allows for a certain amount of ventilation.

They are available in 12 ounces, 14 ounces, and 16-ounce sizes. This versatility allows them to be used by a range of age groups.


  • The high-density foam is a major pro when it comes to this glove because it protects your hand.
  • The full-grain buffalo leather is excellent for people who prefer genuine leather.
  • The perforations and pinholes for ventilation.
  • Durable and longlasting.


  • The price is a little above what a normal person would want to go for. Especially, beginners may not find the price suitable.

8. Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves & Hand Wraps Kit

Product Description

The foam of this boxing glove can contour according to the curves and shapes of your hand. It is memory foam that is one of the defining characteristics of this glove as it molds itself according to how your hand settles into the glove. The design of the sides and the front are aligned to your wrists, making the gloves very comfortable and versatile. The accurate thumb positioning of the glove protects your hands from being too strained.

There is a range of sizes available, namely, 10 ounces, 12 ounces, 14 ounces, and 16 ounces. This can make the gloves available for more people according to their suitability.

There is mesh on the gloves that make them excellent for keeping your hands cools and ventilated.


  • The Velcro straps of the glove make it easier for a person to secure the gloves to their wrists.
  • The PU leather construction and lining make the gloves a lot more durable when it comes to being long term.
  • There is a mesh material across the palm for breathability.


  • The faux leather of the gloves is not preferable by all kinds of people because of the fact that fake leather does not last as long as genuine leather.

9. Title Boxing American Heart Association Bag Gloves

Product Description

The gloves are made out of leather, this leather is genuine and high quality making the gloves quite high quality in nature. The material around the wrists is quite supportive because of the cuffing that is done to maintain stability. There is a gel layer in between the gloves that act as a contouring piece for your hand, it molds into the way you had may fold when you are fighting. This also helps in maintaining a cooler environment.

The security around the gloves, due to the locking system, prevents the gloves from slipping off of your hand. The gloves are also impact-resistant which technically means shock absorbent. This is good for protecting your hands from any sort of damage and strain that may occur.


  • The cuffs around the wrists are structured so to provide extra support to the wrists and protect it from straining.
  • The gel layer of the gloves moderates the temperature and provides a decent amount of comfort. To your hand which would otherwise be quite clammy and too warm.
  • Durable and tough.


  • The quality, although decent, can be inconsistent, in terms of the stitching and the seams of the gloves that may come apart with some customers.

10. Everlast 12-Ounce Pro Style Muay Thai Gloves

Product Description

The material is 20% polyester while the other 80% is polyurethane. This type of detail for the description of the gloves makes the gloves seem a lot more reliable in reference to long term use. There is a long full wrist strap that is easy to use by the fighter to secure themselves. The hand will fit into the glove and then be secured tightly, this removes any danger of the hand slipping out in any circumstances. This is universally a 12-ounce glove and it is used mainly for practice and training that involves stealth and being swift. It is a synthetic leather glove that is structured well.


  • The long strap allows the person to secure the strap by themselves, making it a lot more user-friendly, because of the strap the glove becomes seemingly adjustable.
  • The quality of the synthetic leather is good and is long-lasting compared to other gloves of the same type.
  • Affordable.


  • Synthetic leather isn’t ideal for most fighters, especially is they prefer genuine.
  • Not recommendable for heavy bags or professional boxing.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are an article used to protect your hands when you are boxing, as evident by the name.

They are large textile covered objects that fit on to your hand and protect your bones from damage and make sure that the nature of the sport remains civil and not too harsh.

Even though the name of the gloves make it seem like it is exclusive for boxing, these gloves are usually used for sports such as kickboxing, and regular exercise as well.

They create a few layers over your hand and make sure that you had stayed safe.

Boxing Training Gloves

Training gloves are used by people who are just starting off. Much like training wheels, these are used by the fighter in the beginning of their training to allow them to get used to the idea of boxing gloves.

These bags are also specifically for the purpose of hitting heavy bags. Heavy bags can actually get your knuckles more bloodied than a regular punching bag and if you plan on starting off with a sport that requires that kind of bag, you will definitely need thicker gloves with extra stuffing which is exactly what a training glove is.

Sparring Gloves

Much like training gloves, sparring gloves also have a specific purpose. It being the protection of your opponent.

Sparring gloves will usually have more padding than any other type of glove. This is an attempt to avoid physically hurting your partner a little too harshly.

The weights in this type of glove vary according to your requirement, it depends on your level of experience and also your body weight and force. A general weight used by an average person, is 14 ounces. The use of the sparring glove is important to protect yourself and the opponent.

Amateur Gloves

Amateur gloves are more of an intermediary level glove, which is not exactly the training glove, but at the same time, you would not classify it as a glove that may be used by professionals and experts in the field.

An amateur competition will usually make sure that you are provided with these certain gloves. When you use these gloves, it is likely that there will be color coding between your gloves and the gloves of your opponent.

Before you make any decision regarding this type, you may do your own research to make sure that the gloves are suitable for your body type.

Professional Boxing Gloves

Professional gloves are the final stage of gloves that are used by people. If you are preparing for a competition that may be played internationally or regionally then you will need to train and practice with professional gloves to get the hang of it.

These gloves will usually weigh about 10 ounces, granted that the body type is of an average person. When buying professional gloves, you have to keep in mind that you can not exactly go for a cheaper option because it is possible that the glove will be of poor quality which will ultimately end up costing you, your competition.

Muay Thay Boxing Gloves

Muay Thai is not a sport that is similar to boxing and hence, the gloves used are also not the same kind that may be used for practicing boxing.

The Muay Thai glove is made in Thailand, the home of the sport and the gloves have a few qualities that create distinction between regular boxing gloves and these gloves, for example, the padding of the glove is a lot more evenly distributed.

The flexibility of the glove also supersedes regularity because of the requirement of the fighter to grab the person’s limbs during combat. Padding in the palm of the glove is also common.

Mexican Boxing Gloves

In Mexico, boxing is a very common sport and many of the average joe also indulge in this activity because of its popularity.

The thing of Mexican boxing gloves is that the padding is in ample amount but it is a lot more compact and secluded. The cuff of the boxing clove also tends to be a lot longer, for reasons known to them.

There used to be traditional form of the Mexican boxing glove which included less padding but that was improved over time.

Alternative Boxing Gloves

There are other options available to the fighter as well, alongside a few warnings namely, avoid using MMA gloves as the fingers and knuckles are exposed and you are risking easy breakage of bones and such.

There are the kind of gloves that go by semi-contact gloves, these gloves are often used in martial arts to protect the bones on the side of the palm and avoid rupturing any skin.

But even these should be completely avoided if you may be planning to indulge in boxing or punching bag exercises as they will provide little protection to your hand.

Traditional Bag Gloves

Traditional bag gloves usually tend to be smaller than regular boxing gloves or heavy bag gloves making them the least helpful in regards to protection of your bones but if you compare them to the alternative gloves, they are a lot more helpful and provide a decent amount of padding to your hand.

These gloves are technically used in instances when the fighter is literally just starting off and they are making use of a bag that is not heavy and sturdy and slightly soft and plush as compared to regular ones.

Why it is important to consider the type of gloves when selecting from the Best Boxing Gloves

It is very important to know what kind of glove suits you best and the kind of glove that may be required for your specific sport.

You need to be aware of the kind of sport that you are partaking in before you buy the gloves and you also need to be sure of your body type, this will affect the weight of the glove.

Going over or under a suitable weight can be permanently damaging for you and your opponent.


Knowing what exactly you are buying is very important when it comes to gloves. It’s an instrument that can last a long while or not at all, depending on the kind you buy and what exactly you are buying the gloves for.

If you intend to use a muay Thai glove for kickboxing or professional boxing then the result may not be as advantageous.

Some gloves may be more firm and should be used by professionals, others may be utilized by beginners.

Genuine leather gloves are expensive and more likely used by professional boxers while mixed leather and synthetic leather are also widely used for training and sparring.

Some gloves have heavy paddings to secure your hand while some focus more on inner comfortability and good fit.

If you are planning on spending your money on a boxing glove, make sure to do your research and avoid wasting money on something that will not come in use.