Best Boxing Headgear For Sparring 2020 Review

best boxing headgear

Introduction-Best Boxing Headgear

Boxing has long been the most fierce Combat sport, which has involved a certain level of striking and hitting. Obviously, the fact that actual, permanent harm shall not be caused, has remained. While in professional boxing you have to risk your head in fights, you must protect your head when sparring. We have reviewed some best boxing headgear available in the market for you to choose from.

This has made the sport require specific instruments that allow for the player to be as skillful with their techniques as they want and the opponent, not be genuinely hurt, all the while. One of these instruments is the headgear.

This is a protective covering on your head to prevent and long-lived damage to your skull. It makes the game a lot safer and allows the fighters to unlock their maximum potential.

Use of Boxing Headgear for Sparring

Sparring is a technique that is often used during training for boxing. It is basically a practicing method used by many boxers, they fake fight with an opponent and practice for the real thing.

Boxing is a sport that usually involves a lot of blows to the head. There are a lot of attacks that are directed towards your face and the requirement for protection, in order to not harshly damage, is a lot.

Even in sparring, the person you are practicing with will attack your head to prepare you to protect, thus, boxing headgear is required for sparring as well.

Choice of a fighter

It does in fact come down to the choice in whether or not you should wear boxing headgear during sparring. One can always avoid the gear and create resilience for the time when you are in the actual tournament and you have to fight with an actual person.

You might want to reserve the use of headgear for that situation because it will seem like more of an advantage.

On the other hand, there are always chances, even in sparring where you might end up being harshly attacked and the attack on your head may be severe. In this situation, the lack of a boxing headgear will make the damage more serious.

If you are a beginner, the chances of this happening are much more likely, in order to protect yourself, you should opt for wearing boxing headgear, especially when you are just starting off.

You can also opt for wearing it sometimes and when the training is not as intense you can take it off, allowing yourself to get used to the idea.


There are a lot of injuries that a person will have to face in boxing, in general. When it comes to sparring, although, the casualties may seem less likely, that is not entirely the case.

Sparring is, after all, practice for the real thing and thus, the techniques that are applied are similar and not too different from actual boxing. This is in an attempt to create familiarity between you and the ways and methods of boxing. People who indulge in sparring will tell you that the practice may even be more intense but the lack of pressure makes it seem less so.

Head Collisions

Head collisions are a very common occurrence during sparring. Although, it doesn’t seem like an injury that will occur often, the reality is actually quite opposite. Head collisions can actually be quite dangerous because of the force and the strength that boxers usually use to charge with, at their opponent. The damage that can easily occur because of head collisions can even be irreparable at times. Thus, head gear can be quite handy in these situations as they will soften the effect of the blow towards the head.

The Face

The face is a common target when it comes to injuries. A lot of the fighters will usually attack the face in order to knock a person out or to harshen the pain. The face usually has to deal with a lot of the blows.

Since it is boxing, these blows are usually allowed and are a common part of the game. During sparring, your partner will attempt to attack you with similar blows to allow for preparation.

Protection of your face is quite necessary to prevent any blurring of vision or pain that may become quite unbearable.


Confidence is also a common effect that comes from wearing head gear. People who opt for head gears during tournaments but avoid them during sparring will ultimately be a lot more confident in their training because, the head gear will act like an added advantage for your face.

You will also feel that your attacking positions and your grappling will be a lot more stable and sturdy, as the increased amount of protection that you are getting will make you a lot more confident in terms of surety. During a game, where the pressure is at peak, confidence can be everything.

Cauliflower Ears

Cauliflower ears is a condition that occurs when your ear is attacked too harshly, this condition is irreversible and can not be fixed under any circumstances.

To protect yourself from this condition, you should protect your ears at all costs. Wearing headgear in this situation can help you a lot and you will in fact feel a lot more protected.

Although it is not as common of an occurrence, it is still a likely possibility that might happen because of one wring move or jerk, the best solution is to make use of headgear even during sparring.

Disadvantages of headgear while sparring

There are significant disadvantages that come with sparring with a head gear. First of all, your vision will be blurry, you will not be able to see as clearly because of the area that is covering your eyes. During sparring this can be quite detrimental, even during boxing it can be quite unnerving to not be able to see your opponent clearly.

The worst disadvantage, though, is the fact that fighters will look at ahead gear as a security blanket, when in fact it is making your head a bigger target for your opponent because of how obvious it is.

In short, there are serious advantages and disadvantages that come with wearing headgear during sparring or during a tournament in general. Before you decide on what you want to go with, weigh out your strengths and your weaknesses, be aware of the areas that you lack in and make a decision according to that.

If you feel like a clear vision is an issue for you as it is, try to avoid headgear, but at the same time, if you feel like guarding is not your strong suit, you should opt for a headgear. The choice is yours and you should make an informed decision.

Now, lets just jump into our best boxing headgear product review list, Shall we!

1. Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing MMA Kickboxing Head Gear

Product Description

The first on the list of the Best Boxing Headgear is product from Sanabul.

The Sanabul Head Gear is a household name. It consists of a suitable headlock that will protect the person from any damage to the skull. Since it is a contact sport. There is protection in the front in the form of foam which prevents any scratches or damage that may occur on the face.

The structure is quite form-fitting which allows the headgear to stay in position and avoid any sot of flailing about which can result in a mishap. It has a hook and loop locking system which makes sure that the headgear stays in its place.


  • The hook & loop is quite sturdy and reliable.
  • The foam material makes it comfortable for your face.


  • There is no version available that would be suitable for a child.
  • It is still not thick enough and a jab to the face may still hurt.

2. RDX Headguard

Product Description

The RDX head guard is padded with foam throughout the structure. The shape of the headgear is also form-fitting and allows a person maximum movement and prevents any sort of movement of the headgear itself, it stays put on your head because of the robustness.

There is a removable plastic encase face grill, what this grill does, is provide maximum comfort when it comes to the actual face and at the same time, it will protect the face to its full extent.

The Maya hide leather of the headgear assures the user a long term use and it will be resilient throughout.


  • The removable plastic-encased face grill is a pro in and of itself as this feature is not the case for many headgears.
  • The padding is shock-absorbing, making it very safe for a person to use.
  • The Leather is quite resilient.


  • For the price point, the headgear is not as high quality when it comes to the seams.

3. Starpro Headguard for Boxing Training

Product Description

The head guard is made out of synthetic leather, with the availability of an ear and cheek protection, this kind of protection is necessary especially, when it comes to boxing and the hooks are usually to the side of the face. The foam is high density, for this reason, the headgear is a lot more shock absorbent.

The face or head will not feel the impact as strongly as it would in a lack of the material. The headgear is designed in mold form and it allows any shocks that may occur to spread out evenly.

The chin strap thoroughly secures the headgear on to your face and makes sure that there is limited to no movement, to maintain the confidence of the person during a fight.


  • The foam of the headgear is shock absorbent and spreads it out.
  • The chin strap is adjustable and can account for all kinds of chins.


  • The chin strap may not be as durable as a hook & lock system would be.
  • The temperature inside the gear will get hot and stuffy.

4. TITLE Gel World Traditional Training Headgear

Product Description

The foam of the headgear has gel lining and multiple layers making it a sleek design, the gel layer is also very useful in maintaining the temperature of the face when the headgear is on, usually, when you put on a helmet it gets quite stuffy, but not with this.

Also, the fact that the helmet is quite shock absorbent and allows very little impact to get to the actual face when it is struck.

There is a wrap-around coverage and fit, protecting the forehead and the ears and there is padding available for the cheeks as well.

It comes in two different colors; black and white and weighs 13.6 ounces.


  • The fact that the coverage is thorough gives the headgear, the advantage of being protective.
  • The hook & lock gear makes for a very reliable locking system.


  • Some say that their vision gets completely cut off and they could not see anything.

5. RDX Boxing Headguard Kids

Product Description

The headgear is made out of Maya hide leather and protects the areas around your forehead and your chin, the fact that it is made out of Maya hide leather gives the customer assurance that the headgear is quite resilient and will last a long time as compared to other headgears.

The head guard provides the kind of padding that makes it very comfortable for the fighter to use, it also protects the head from a certain amount of shock and doesn’t allow the head to be impacted as severely if there was a lack of padding.

There are hook & loop straps that allow the headgear to be quite secure. The lining inside the gear is made of the kind of material that will not stick to sweat and keep a cooler environment inside the helmet. It weighs about 7.2 ounces.


  • There is rear entry access for the headgear that is very user-friendly.
  • The inner liner is made of a non-slip material that absorbs sweat.
  • There is a multi-layered foam padding.


  • The size is very small, not recommendable for kids who are more than 5 years old.

6. SANJOIN Best Boxing Headgear

Product Description

This headgear has thick padding which makes it very protective, it will also protect the head from being impacted too harshly when it is struck too hard, it allows a certain level of shock absorbance.

The structure of the head guard is adjustable and can be used for faces of multiple sizes, mainly because of the locking system that can be molded or changed according to what a person might want.

The material is lightweight and soft, this can be of excellent advantage for kids fighting in the ring because the fighter will focus on the actual fight and not be taken over by how heavy the headgear is.


  • The lining of the headgear is sweat-resistant and helps to maintain an environment that is a lot breathable and calm, allowing you to focus on the game.
  • The headgear can also be used by children because of its adjustable nature.


  • Some people may not like the feel of the synthetic leather.
  • Not good for heavy sparring.

7. Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Product Description

It is made out of “Skintex” leather which allows for better head movement as it is not as stiff, the range of movement allows a person to be alert and stealthy in the ring, the person can act quicker and be allowed to make some decent damage. The coverage is thorough enough that there is a full range of protection for your ears, cheeks and your forehead, this is very important because the strikes are usually aimed at these spots in specific.

It is also supposed to be quite lightweight allowing the person to focus on the fight rather than the weight of the gear which can be quite distracting at times.


  • The material is very lightweight.
  • The foam of the headgear is triple in density making for ample protection from shock.
  • The Velcro closure makes it easier for a person to secure themselves.


  • The one size fits all, ironically makes it less versatile because the size does not fit all.
  • The Velcro may be easier for a person but it is not as secure.

8. Gold BJJ Headgear for Jiu-Jitsu

Product Description

This specific headgear advertises itself as being the best kind of protection for your ears. The headgear has holes that allow the fighter to hear perfectly.

That said, it also has many other characteristics that can be of excellent advantage to the person. The elastic headband allows the person to move a lot easily and thus, the fighter can be more stealthy and swift, than in the case of lack of the elasticity.

The chinstrap of the headgear is Velcro but it also has certain features that are similar to the hook & loop system, making the security system quite reliable.


  • The chin strap of the headgear is quite secure and is almost similar to the hook and lock feature of many other headgears.
  • This headgear comes with a mouthguard.


  • The chin strap may be secure but there is not enough padding on it.

9. Venum Elite Headgear

Product Description

This headgear is also made out of “Skintex” leather cushioning, which makes sure that the headgear will be resilient for a decent amount of time. There is ample protection for the face and the allowance of thorough mobility makes it very helpful, the fighter can stay alert when they are in the ring. They have the ability to be more confident in their actions because accuracy is quite possible because of the ease in movement.

The foam is triple in density which allows it to be quite shock absorbent and helps the impact to be spread out so that the force does not have that dramatic of an effect. The price of the headgear is not as affordable as the case is for other similar models


  • The headgear is lightweight and very durable
  • The foam of the headgear is also triple-density which allows for maximum shock absorption which protects your head from damage.


  • The chin guard’s retention straps may not be as secure as other headgears that have opted for a hook & lock system.
  • Some may have size issues visibility issues,

10. Sanabul Core Series Boxing

Product Description

The last on the Best boxing Headgear list is again from Sanabul but now its a core series boxing headgear.

The protection of this specific headgear is also quite thorough when it comes to padding and coverage, you can know for sure that your ears and sides of the face will be protected at all costs.

The padding also allows the headgear to be shock absorbent and makes sure that the impact that occurs because of the strike does not permanently damage your face.

The hook & loop system that is used to secure the headgear on to your face has been used by many companies and it is easily one of the most secure methods of locking. The security allows you to focus on your game rather than the chance of the headgear getting loose or falling off.

The lining prevents any chance of the headgear being manipulated because of your sweat.


  • The lining of the inside of the structure is very comfortable and absorbs sweat.
  • The density of the material also allows for shock absorption.
  • There is a secure hook & lock feature that makes for a reliable system.


  • The issue is the same as with the first Sanabul; Not a good choice for kids.

Conclusion-Best Boxing Headgear

In conclusion, these are the topmost headgears that are available offering good quality at affordable prices.

If you are going for a sport that is similar to boxing, then headgear will be quite necessary to allow you to carry out your techniques with the assurance of being protected as much as possible.

Go for the kind of headgear that is most suitable for your kind of sport. Make an educated decision and save your money.

Avoid going for purely brand name and wasting all of your money on a product that was not as good as it was advertised to be.


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