Best Kettlebells 2020 Review

best kettlebells

Introduction-Best Kettle Bells

If one were to pick the cutest workout gear, it would have to be Kettlebells. They do look a bit like your teapot in the kitchen, do not they? Well, they do a little more than pouring out tea for your guests. In this article, we have reviewed some best kettlebells for you.

In any modern-day gym, powerful workouts are almost impossible to do without kettlebells. Not only at the gym, one can perform a kettlebell-based workout from home as well. That is one of their biggest advantage i.e. the portability.

Now, if you were thinking of buying one for your home, you could not have been any luckier. For you are at just the site you need to be on.

In this discussion, we are going to help you choose, the best kettlebell for your home gym. We are going to acquaint you with some beauties in this discussion, so stay with us, until the very end!

1. Kettle Gryp – Best Kettlebells

Product Description

Like we mentioned before, portability is one of the key features of any standard kettlebell. The Kettle Gryp is one such product that can accompany you wherever you go.

It can be easily adjusted in your gym bag. A portable dumbbell adapter can revolutionize your daily dumbbell workout.

Yes, we know it sounds exciting but get a gryp for heaven’s sake! We have got more to tell you.

However, let us discuss it in the pros and cons section, shall we?


  • Adaptability. You can easily switch from one weight to another without a lot of fuss.
  • Portability, as we mentioned in detail earlier.
  • Very economical
  • Dumbbells will stay put in the gryp.


  • The maximum weight range is 55lbs.
  • Handles can make the weight feel a bit more than usual.
  • Handle can get slippery at times
  • Can be a bit awkward around the legs.

2. Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Product Description

There is plenty to like about this product from GoFit. First, the coated texture. It simply makes the grip more comfortable and easy, which is a very crucial feature of any standard kettlebell. The non-slip grip of this kettlebell relieves you of any misgivings you might have about losing control. The rubberized coating is quite durable and promises to be your partner for a long time.

Now we shift our attention towards the ergonomic design of this product that makes it such a popular choice. The kettlebell has a contoured shape that is quite a unique feature, not found in many gears of this nature. It wraps well around the forearms, making the whole experience much more fun.

Also, this kettlebell is ideal for any gender. Many gym gears are designed with only men in the focus, which can create a problem at times. Let us bullet other cool features of this product, shall we?


  • Training DVD included
  • Less stress in arms
  • Ideal weight
  • Available in multiple weights


  • Doing chest presses can be a bit of a challenge with these kettlebells.  

3. Century Strive Soft Kettle Bells

Product Description

You might not have seen a teapot in red and black shades. Nevertheless, you can buy a kettlebell in the same colors if you opt for this quality gym gear from Century. There are plenty of attributes that make this product endearing.

Apart from its design, its soft padded exterior gives you an extra sense of safety and protection. In case it slips, which is quite unlikely, you are less likely to get your toes smashed in. The foam grip handle ensures that the chances of an event like this happening are close to none.

Hmmm. What else? Oh yes, the handles have a plastic core and the kettlebell has iron sand filling itself. A unique combination, eh? Now, let us highlight some of the lesser-known features of this kettlebell.


  • Soft to workout with for a harder training schedule.
  • Neoprene shell
  • Durable


  • Limited availability, so you had better place your order now!

4. Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights Set

Product Description

Our Best Kettlebells list will just keep on getting better as the discussion goes on.  Now if you are looking for a kettlebell that assists you in pulling off some great full-body workout, this might just be the gear you are after. Available in black color, this 50lb kettlebell can be an amazing addition to your home gym jewelry.

What makes this kettlebell unique? Firstly, this is a solid cast iron kettlebell. This means that it is going to serve you for a long period. The way it has been constructed is also something remarkable. The welding is seamless and just perfect. We mentioned black paint earlier. The idea behind this finish is to ensure that your kettlebell is not affected by rust or corrosion.

Other than that, the handles are smooth, which indirectly helps in a better grip altogether. We can safely recommend this gym gear for your home gym. Some other features of this classy product are discussed in the pros and cons section.


  • Flat bottom makes this kettlebell much more stable.
  • Perfect for renegade rows
  • Allows you to do a variety of exercises
  • Variety of weights fit in


  • Can wobble a wee bit sometimes
  • Some customers complained about poor paint coating

5. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

Product Description

The range in which you can make variations in this product is simply stunning. Just by turning a dial, you can choose between 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 & 40lbs. Just like the variation in resistance, you can do plenty of exercises with these adjustable weights.

The design is something we liked a lot, and perhaps is the reason why this product finds itself in our list of best kettlebells. Can replace as many as six kettlebells! If those are not enough reasons to allure you towards this high-quality gym gear, let us tell you some more in the pros and cons section.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable weight
  • Molding around the metal plates
  • Wide widget range
  • Quite compact
  • Easy to store


  • May feel a bit bulky
  • Sometimes, weights can be stuck. In that case, make sure that weights are well set.

6. BalanceFrom GoFit All-Purpose Weights

Product Description

These weights are available in two ranges. An 80-pound and a 90-pound option, which is available in two styles. These include a dumbbell and kettlebell. We will concern ourselves with the kettlebell only in this discussion.

This is a solid cast kettlebell, which comes wrapped in the color-coded vinyl. This helps in protecting both your room floor as well as the kettlebell gear. Like is the case with any standard gym gear of this nature, ease of use is a key feature. The handle is textured; this helps in a much better grip. Unless someone has hands the size of a giant, they should do all right using this product. Let us jump to the pros and cons now for better insight.


  • Flat bottom, which discards the chances of rolling.
  • Non-slip grip
  • 2 years guarantee


  • The only con we could find was that this product is so good that it will not give you any more chances to ditch your workout. Buy it and get going!
  • Price is on the higher end but this is a quality product.

7. Power Systems Kettlebell

Product Description

Standing ovation please for this beauty! This is one of those gym gears that just make you go whoa! The kettlebell is made using cast iron. Both bell and the handle are made using cast iron; hence durability of these products is undoubted. An amazing feature of this gym gear is the size range in which this is available. You can choose any kettlebell from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. Needless to say that each of these is sold individually.

Handles are an important feature of any kettlebell. These must compliment the size of the bell. Makers of this product were particularly conscious of this fact. Quite remarkable actually. 


  • Ergonomic design
  • Has a cool vibe about it
  • Very cheap


  • Might feel bulky at the beginning. Hence, ideal to start with a product of lower weight.

8. Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells – Weight

Product Description

This rather chic looking kettlebell might tempt you into buying it with just its looks. Quite a magnificent product actually, when you consider the sort of riff-raff that the market is currently stuffed with.

This is a premium product, which employs cast iron in its construction. It is designed in such a perfect way, you could not spot a flaw if you wanted t. No weak spots at all! 

The kettlebell comes with a vinyl-coated finish, which makes it quite durable. Vinyl is vastly employed in the construction of articles of this nature. It helps in keeping rust away from the kettlebells. However, vinyl is hardly the reason that should make you fall for this gear.


  • Firm and wide handles.
  • Flat bottom, hence increased stability
  • Perfect for all genders
  • Perfect for all age groups
  • Supports up to 50 lbs.


  • You might want to start with lighter weights; it can be bulky at the beginning.

9. Kettlebell Weight Grip

Product Description

You can find many uses for this grip. It is perfectly suitable weightlifting, weight-losing and of course, gym bag.

You can travel anywhere with this fine product from Yunt without having to worry about portability issues. The most impressive feature of this grip is perhaps the adjustable design, which it offers. 

Proper quality product indeed! Clamps to dumbbells like anything!


  • Portable
  • Firm grip
  • Versatile in function
  • Quite affordable


  • The price seems to be a tad higher than this piece of gym gear is worth it.

10. Kamagon Water Filled Adjustable Weight Kettlebell

Product Description

Let’s end this discussion with a funky kettlebell, shall we? This Kamgon kettlebell is all you need in your home gym to lighten up the mood.

We must admire the color range in this product is available. Blue, green, grey, pink, red, purple. These kettlebells will fill the air with bright colors, that is for sure! but needs to be filled with water for use. One could adjust the weight from 2 to 15 lbs by just adding or removing water.

But that’s not all. There are plenty of other cool features, which must be mentioned here.


  • Floorless likely to be damaged
  • Two handles for more grips
  • Made in the USA
  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Adjust the weight simply by adding or removing water


  • If squished, you will need a lot of pumping to restore it to the original shape.

Conclusion-Best Kettlebells

The limitations of time and space force us to conclude this discussion here. With high hopes that your knowledge of kettlebells is considerably improved, we bid you farewell.

However, not before we emphasize once again on a couple of points. One, do not start with heavyweights at once. While you might be tempted to go for the heavier lot, in the beginning, the workout will become more grilling as you settle into a routine.

Hence, it is wise to start with smaller yet compact versions.

Also, you must opt for a product that is durable and promises to last long. It might cost you a few more bobs, but hey. Since when did quality become cheap, eh? 


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