Best Power Racks For Powerlifting 2020 Review

Introduction- Best Power Racks

Not everyone has it in them to go to the gym. So I came up with the Best Power Racks list for the home, however, it may be used in the gyms as well.

Not only can it burn a gaping hole in your schedule with the added time of having to drive back and forth the gym in addition to the workout time, but it really demands you align your routine to the schedule of the gym, and let’s not forget some of us really value a private working space.

So why not bring the gym home?

They say no work-out is complete without a good old power rack, and they’re right. Power racks are one of the core components of a gym and essential to any work-out that focuses on power and strength training.

What makes this equipment really popular among fitness freaks is that it allows you to perform a range of exercises with a spectrum of weights in accordance with your fitness needs.

From quintessential exercises, like the bench press, shoulder press, squats, deadlift and lunges, power racks are the safest and easiest means to dominate those!

So we’ve rounded up some of the best power racks that you need to get yourself in shape!

1. CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack

Product Description

To start off our roundup, we have the CAP Barbell Full Cage Power Rack on the Best Power Racks on the top.

CAP Barbell is renowned for bringing the gym to the household, so you can be assured that this power rack is fully equipped to give you the gym-experience at the comfort of your home.

Coming to its features, this power rack is super easy to assemble, and the final structure stands 84 inches high,  47.2 inches deep and 43.3 inches wide, giving you enough room to workout in the cage. The steel tubing on this piece of equipment is 12 and 14 gauge of steel, which means that you can be at ease knowing that this sturdy rack it isn’t going to collapse on you or itself.

What’s more, is that its gusseted uprights offer an excellent stability and safety, and it comes with bar catches that can be adjusted so you can perform a range of exercises, and with its zinc hardware, and a supreme durable powder-coated to finish it off, you can be assured that this tough equipment won’t need any maintenance!


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Spacious cage to workout in
  • Supreme stability and security
  • Maintenance-free durability
  • 12 and 14 gauge steel tubing


  • The weight catches may move while adjusting the bar
  • Doesn’t come with plate holders

2. Titan H-PND Lower Back and Leg Machines

Product Description

If you’re looking to tighten and tone your physique, then the Titan H-PND Lower Back and Leg Machines was made for you!

This 2 by 2-inch steel tubed equipment not only offers you a durable frame and marvelous stability, but also allows you to target your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and calves and really get that ripped form we both know you want.

This indispensable workout equipment packs 6-inch handles which are adjustable to 8 positions, which, for its user, means that they can condition it to suit their needs and comfort.

If you’ve liked the sound of it so far, you are going to be thrilled to know that it is easy to assemble and install and comes with rubber feet that won’t damage your floor either! With two spring collars and a strap, the H-PND Lower Back and Leg Machines comes fully equipped to getting you the muscle and form you’ve always dreamed.


  • 2 x 2-inch steel tubing
  • 6-inch adjustable handles
  • 2 spring collars and strap included
  • Rubber feet to avert floor scuffing


  • Doesn’t come with an instructions manual

3. Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack

Product Description

We know that no work-out is complete without a good set of squats and bench presses, so we had to add this amazing piece of equipment to the Best Power Racks list. While the name of the product sure is a mouthful, its features rival to match it.

This quality equipment has an impressive frame of 50 mm steel tubing that allows you to load weight of 441 pounds and comes with adjustable safety pins that allow you to the flexibility to set it a height that is ideal for your fitness goals.

To add to its glory, this equipment guarantees you a safe and secure workout experience by way of its adjustable squat racks that have high quality specific metallic nuts with non-slip washers to compliment.

Is this all? Of course not! This squat rack from Yaheetech is equipped with feet pads that not only keep the flooring of your house unscathed, but also promises not to skid during use!


  • Suitable for standard and Olympic sized bars
  • 500mm steel tube frame
  • Anti-skid
  • Safe and stable


  • Not ideal for multiple users

4. Merax Barbell Rack

Product Description

If you’re one of those people who have less working space but do not want to compromise on the squatting experience, then this power rack is just for you! With a total steel built, the Merax Barbell Rack guarantees you a steadiness and stability like no other.

This piece of equipment has the capacity of holding 550 pounds of weight with the assurance of safety. To add to your workout experience, with anti-slip rubber boots, this fitness tool will help you hold your squat position without the fear of faltering or damaging the floor.

In addition to this, it comes equipped with a 2-inch hole spacing that lets you achieve the spotter arms at flexible heights to facilitate your squats.

From squats to bench press, to overhead lifts and so much more, this Barbell rack aims to get you in shape!


  • Sturdy
  • Convenient weight plate storage
  • Can be moved around with ease
  • Compact size


  • Lacks a pull-up bar

5. Titan X-2 Series Power Rack

Product Description

While most of the gym equipment allows you to achieve your fitness goals, it always helps to accessorize them to elevate the impression of your workout, and the Titan Rack Mounted H-PND is definitely a must-have.

Not only is this accessory compatible with a majority of the titan racks, it has a conveniently simple installation method that lets you get your gear set up in absolutely no time.

With this accessory to enhance your power rack, you will be able to practice your cross-training, strength-training and weight-lifting, and get your calves, hamstrings, legs, glutes and lower back in a stunning form.

With 2 spring collars and straps to accompany it, this package is complete with all the hardware you would require to assemble it. Another surprise that it packs is the cross-brace, which will allow you to adjust the level of difficulty of your workout according to your needs.

If you still aren’t sure whether or not this sturdy and durable equipment is for you, here is a summary of its pros and cons!


  • Packed with 2 spring collars
  • Cross brace to adjust difficulty
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy assemble
  • Compatible with a range of titan racks


  • A lttle too expensive

6. F2C Max Load

Product Description

This easy to assemble power rack is another great piece of equipment that you need to complete your at-home gym. With rubber end-capping to confer protection to your floor and convenient assemble and placement, this is definitely a great machine to invest in.

With a sturdy built derived of high-grade steel, and adjustable spotters to ensure you can train in safety, this piece of equipment focuses on giving you the flexibility to perform a range of exercises with a sense of security and comfort; furthermore, the squat racks are also adjustable so you can set it to compliment your height, and it can hold a weight of 550 pounds so you can really get into that strength training.


  • Adjustable height
  • Rubber caps for floor protection
  • Adjustable spotters
  • Durable construct
  • High-quality hardware


  • Extended arms for the squat bar may be a bit short
  • Not very mmulti-purpose compared to other power racks

7. Diophros Power Tower Workout Station

Product Description

If you thought we were done listing the best power racks in the market, you couldn’t be more wrong. This Diophros Power Tower Pull Up Bar is a multi-functional machine that will carter to your workout needs while offering you a remarkable flexibility.

With a dip station that can be adjusted to 11 levels ranging from 61 to 96.5 inches, this rack will allow you to explore your fitness potential. Not only that, this heavy-duty power rack is built of supreme quality steel for steadiness and support to the dip station, with skid-resistant base that will let you indulge in your exercises with complete stability.

As if it weren’t impressive enough, it comes with a multi-grip pull up station, push-up station, knee-raise station, dip station and the capacity for many more exercises to elevate your strength training.


  • Multi-functional
  • Adjustable dip station
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Skid-resistant base


  • Not ideal for really tall people
  • Only for body workouts

8. Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack

Product Description

This sturdy power rack specifically designed to allow you to conduct the most popular gym workouts all at your home – from deadlifts to bench press to the all-time favorite squats, this machine lets you do it all with more than 24 strength exercise options.

Built of a solid steel frame, this robust rack stands 85 inches tall with a depth of 45 inches; therefore, offering ample room to perform your workouts within the cage.

To add to the list of what makes it so desirable is the in-built pull-up bar of solid steel chrome, knurled grips and one that comes with a safety spotter to amplify your security; moreover, the pull-up bar also facilitates a range of hand positions to let its user fully engage the back, shoulder and arm muscles in a single training session.

I’m sure you already feel this power rack speaking to you, but there is more! The Merax Lat Pull Down along with the Low Row Cable attachment serves as a wonderful addition to really train and tone your upper back, shoulders and arm muscles.


  • 21 adjustable positions for bar supports
  • Spacious cage
  • Adjustable weight bar supports
  • Multi-grip pull up bar
  • Robust
  • 24 strength exercises option


  • Barbell may roll forward when racked
  • Steel quality not very high may have durability issues in the long run.

9. CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand, Multiple Colors

Product Description

With over 30 years of experience in the field, CAP Barbell, as we have already established, is one of the most trusted players in the business, so you can prepare yourself to fall in love with this piece of equipment.

This CAP Barbell power rack is designed to take care of your fitness, safety and durability needs. Making use of only quality cold rolled steel and finished with a powder coat for optimum sturdiness, this equipment will allow you to perform heavy-duty workout in complete safety, with an 11 and 12 gauge steel construction that will sustain some of the most grueling of exercises.

In addition to this, it also has a double gusseted upright that adds to its supreme stability and security. You also won’t be needing a spotter for this because it comes with j-cups that are built to withstand an impressive weight of 500 pounds.

You haven’t heard the end of its features, just yet though. This power rack comes with a built-in pull-up bar with addition to a space for storing weights. From bench presses, overhead presses, squats, shrugs, and more, you can perform all your favorite exercise at your own leisure at your own home with this fine power rack.


  • Built-in pull up bar
  • J-cups remove the need for a spotter
  • 11 and 12 gauge steel
  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Powder coat finish
  • Weight-storing capacity


  • Takes up some room
  • Light-weight so might wobble a little

10. Yes4All Best Power Racks

Product Description

For the last product on our list, we have the Yes4All Power Rack attachments, made of high-grade quality steel that guarantees durability. These Yes4All Camber Bar Attachments are equipped to support a weight of up to 260 pounds. In addition to that, these attachments and engineered to complement all 2-inch Olympic bars and weight plates, with lock knobs that function to secure the barbells safely in their place.

If you’ve loved the sound of it so far, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it is also designed with the arms angled slightly upwards to prevent the weight places from dropping off (saving you from common workout accidents).

Lastly, you can be assured that with the Yes4All you will be able to enhance your workout experience by adding extra stability and safety to your equipment.


  • Compatible with Olympic bars
  • Angled arms
  • Adjustable lock knobs
  • 9 inch long handles


  • Screws are a bit too long

Conclusion-Best Power Racks

With this, we conclude our roundup for the best power racks and accessories you could equip your at-home gym with.

Whether you are looking for something that fits in a limited space, has the capacity to withstand heavy-duty workouts, is low maintenance, or all in one, I’m sure you will find what best suits your fitness needs in this elaborate list!


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