Boxing in the Pandemic (C0VID-19)


Feeling stressed and depressed in this pandemic situation?

Don’t worry you are not the only one to feel it that way! Probably some of the party animals are feeling the worst.

Let’s just fight this home alone feeling and box corona out. Literally, boxing is the solution! A punching bag and pair of boxing gloves is all you need.

People who have anger issues tend to get violent and take their anger out in ways that cannot be deemed responsible.

For some, it is very difficult to control your anger and that is where boxing can come in.

Boxing is one of the few sports that can be used for the sole purpose of relieving your anger and letting out all the frustration that you might be holding back. Boxing requires a person to use brute force on the opponent or on the instrument that you are using, for example a punching bag.

Here are some reasons why boxing could be beneficial in such circumstances.


Focusing on the sport that is in front of you is a huge factor that plays in to calming yourself down. You find one thing that you want to do and put all your energy in to it.

The fact that you are using your strength and energy on a punching bag instead of a person and doing with caution, gives you an immense amount of control. Moreover, there are little to no distractions in the process and you are not supposed to focus on anything else makes it very effective for a person who might be dealing with anger issues.

Once you start boxing, you do not really have much else in mind makes boxing very healthy for a person’s mind and soul. It is time to yourself that you do not have to share with anyone else or any negative thought that may be circling in your mind. It helps you let out the aggravation as best as any method possibly can.

The best way to do this is assign a single room in your house for this purpose alone, install a punching bag in to it and take full advantage of it.

Stress Relief

For a person who may be stressed and not dealing with it very well, boxing can be one of the most advantageous things.

You are using an inanimate object to work your body and release the anxiety that you are holding in. It is very similar to how one relieves their anger and stays focused as best as they can and does not let their mind wander to the thing that may be causing them the stress.

Stress has the quality of turning in to a bad situation if not dealt with and bottled up for very long. This can simply be avoided with the help of a boxing bag and a pair of gloves and in some cases keep other people out of harm’s way.

What you do is you set a time period in your day and focus all your energy during that time to relieve your frustration as best as you can.

You can punch the bag as hard as possible and allow yourself to be as aggressive as you need to be, you are allowed to yell and kick and there will be no pushback or repercussions, this can create a very healthy lifestyle for people.

Endorphin Production

Endorphins is when the neuro transmitters that are present in your body react to produce nice and happy thoughts.

They are released during the process of boxing!

When a person is boxing, they are using brute force and because of the force released from inside your body, the transmitters will release endorphins that will make you feel alive and well. it is very similar to what an adrenaline rush would seem like for a person. They will be invigorated and replenished and feel like they can take on the world. In some cases of adrenaline rush, people have been known to perform feats that would otherwise be impossible.

The muscle tension that may have collected over time will also be released making you feel like a whole new person. Some therapists will actually suggest boxing as a form of therapy for people who suffer from anger issues and frustration as it can be very helpful.

The release of endorphins in your body will also help set your mind at ease and give you a sense of clarity. You will be able to focus on your work and your actions may also be a lot more effective.


If you can afford one, a trainer can be an amazing source of motivation for someone.

 You can always use a punching bag and keep yourself surrounded by your own lonesome, but a trainer can help you in the field of companionship and can also help to keep you mind focused in a much better way.

The fact that someone is nearby and watching you will not allow your mind to waver for even a second. You will have your thoughts focused on the person in front of you and what they are making you do, this can help a fighter combat their loneliness.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence is an important, positive side effect of training. As you start to get better in the field of boxing your mentality towards yourself also starts to improve immensely.

Your body starts to become toned and the fact that you are a lot muscular makes you feel happy about your body. The fact that you are not lounging around and wasting time is always something that can bring a brighter light to your life.

People who feel bad about themselves and their bodies should definitely take up this sport; it can help them a lot.

Lets just start

Thinking too much about whether to start or not will certainly end you up doing nothing!

Things to start

  • A room or an open space in the house will do the job; some people like working out in open air while some would use their garage.
  • Selecting a punching bag is the second most important thing. Ideally, a punching bag should be half of your body weight. But if you are just starting you can choose a lighter bag.

For more information regarding punching bags, visit 10 Best Heavy Punching Bags to train with 2020 Review.

  • Let’s not forget the pair of boxing gloves, remember you have to punch as hard as you can to release your anger!

So, it is essential that you buy good boxing gloves protect your knuckles and wrist. You probably will not want to fracture your hand and end up in a hospital.

It is important that te boxing glove should be a perfect fit with goos padding and wrist support.

You can choose from 10 Best Boxing Gloves available in the market.

Wrap it up

Suffering from mental issues related to anger, stress or depression can be very destructive for yourself and also the people around you.

The best option in this situation is to relieve the stress in a healthy way to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Boxing can tone your body and relax your mind with all the negative thoughts which distract you. Hence, it is a go-to works out for most professional trainers.

A punching bag and a boxing glove is all you need! If you don’t want to buy a punching bag you can try to make one in your home too.

So, let’s just box this corona out and try to stay positive.


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