Buying a Punching Bag-Factors to be considered

buying a punching bag

Introduction – Buying a punching bag 

Purchasing a punching bag can be quite expensive, depending on who you are buying it for. If it is a gym situation then it may not seem as expensive because usually gyms buy in bulk and it is a one-time investment.

If you are buying it for yourself, for personal use, it can seem like a decent amount of money.

You have to remember, that even if it is an individual buying it, it still is a one time investment and may be more, long term than for a gym, as you are the only one using it.

A punching bag’s price depends on a few factors that you may have to take into consideration before buying one.

Punching Bag Quality

The quality of the bag, or more importantly the brand of the bag depends on how high or low the price can go.

If the bag is of a brand that is well known and used by professionals, it’s likely that it will be above 80 US Dollars or so. If the bag is more commercially appropriate then the quality might not be as high as a professional bag.

planning to buy it for your own, individual use, then it does not have to be that high quality, especially if you are not training for professional reasons.

So, do check for quality before buying a punching bag.

Purpose of Buying a Punching Bag

The reason for which you are buying the bag can also affect the pricing.

If you are going for the standing bag then your price will probably higher than that of the hanging bag as the standing bag is a lot more sturdy in nature and is usually used for kicking practice which can require a decent amount of maintenance.

A hanging bag is used for more punching and does not require heavy maintenance as it is hung up and is not as commonly in contact with dirt and debris.

Punching Bag Material

The material of the bag also comes in to play when talking about pricing. The outer exterior can be made out of canvas or leather, depending on what you will be using it for.

Since canvas is a lot more resilient and can be used outside, it is expensive as it requires less maintenance. The leather, on the other hand, is a material that is commonly used in the making of a punching bag and is a tad bit cheaper than canvas would be.

There are cheaper options as well, for example, some bags that are for the sole purpose of just working, they are made out of cloth.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor bags can be cheaper than outdoor bags because of the fact that they require less cleaning and maintenance.

Yes, it does all come down to maintenance and resilience. Indoor bags may not necessarily be as robust because they do not have to deal with the rough weather. They are usually made out of leather or cloth.

Outdoor bags need to be thicker and are made out of a material that makes it tough for outdoor conditions. Usually canvas, being an expensive material, makes the bag more expensive as well but less compared to the leather.

Setting Up a Punching Bag

The amount of time that it may take to set up the bag can also depict the price that it will have. A standing bag does not need that much preparation as it simply can be seated on a spot and used regularly.

A hanging bag may require harnessing and cables to make sure that it is stable enough, thus, making it slightly less expensive, although the rope that you hang it with will cost you a certain amount of money.

A simple bracket and chain system can cost you around 20 US Dollars. this makes the difference in prices debatable as the preparation can make it worth just as much as a standing bag.

Weight of a Punching bag vs Punching Bag price

The weight of the bag can also determine the price of it because a lot more material is used to fill up a bag that weight 200 Pounds as compared to a bag that may weigh around 80 pounds.

The material can cost the company a lot of money especially if it is a well-known company that is known to make high-quality bags.

Sandbags can cost a nominal amount of money while a water bag may cost you more because it takes a lot of thought to make a punching bag out of water, making sure it is thick enough that it does not burst while being used by a fighter.

Heavy Punching Bags

A regular heavy bag can cost you about 120 US Dollars in price, but it can also be around 70 US Dollars. It has the ability to also range up to 200 US Dollars. All of this depends on the components of the bag and the brand that makes the bag.

Although, most of the brands that are affiliated with bags of the kind are sure to be decent quality and can easily last you for a while.

Uppercut Punching Bags

Uppercut bags are usually smaller in size but do not be fooled, the small package brings with a lot more shape and structure, designed purely to practice your uppercuts in a nature that allows you to believe that it is an actual opponent.

Some upper cut bags may be lighter to allow swinging while other may be shaped so that the motion of the punch is tended to. It can range from up to 80 to 150 US Dollars depending on the quality and size of the bag.

The bag is perfect for practicing your knee kicks and different angled punches as well because of the oval shape of it.


These are some qualities that you may have to think about before buying a bag from anywhere.

To make your life easier, Check out the 10 Best Heavy Punching Bags to Train With for more information on Punching Bag.

Although some people prefer going out and physically experimenting with a bag before buying it, this method can be simpler, granted that you have done your research and are making an informed decision.


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