Head Movement Training for Boxing

head movement training



Boxing being a contact sport requires fighters to have a certain expertise in guarding themselves and attacking their opponent skillfully. Punching your opponent and slipping his punches in conjunction could be difficult but one could master it through head movement training or head movement drills.

Along with protection and attack, boxers should also be agile, this means that they should be vigilant inside the ring and be able to dodge any attacks that come their way.

The head is the most fragile part of the body and the face is a very common target for opponents. This combination can sometimes make boxing extremely lethal, if not trained for in the right way. Thus, while sparring boxers usually wear headgear to protect themselves.

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There are techniques that need to be taught to these boxers.to protect their heads while not wearing the headgear as well because in professional boxing headgears are not allowed.

Benefits of Head Movement Training

Although head movement drills and techniques are quite a necessity, without knowing the importance of these skills, you may not be able to practice for them with as much vigor.

Fighters who sometimes train specifically for these drills can have an upper hand during the tournament. Because of the swift nature of these movements and the stealth that they carry, they can very easily throw off your opponent and make them question their game.

If you are someone who has focused heavily on head movement training, over time you will start to feel like these movements come to you quite easily and will become second nature to you.

When you constantly keep your opponent on the edge of their feet, sooner or later their stamina might start coming loose and they will start to get tired and lethargic. This gives you the perfect opportunity to attack your opponent.

In cases like these your head will be doing most of the moving and dodging and basically protecting your hand from being struck, the greatest advantage that this gives to you is that this leaves your arms free because they are not being used to guard your head.

You can then use your arms and hands to attack your opponent and thoroughly calculate your skills before making any move.

Constantly being in defending mode can make you fall behind from your game and leave you tired and worn down. With the expertise in head drill movements, you can expect to stay on your feet throughout the game and stay as vigilant as is physically possible, all the while measuring down your opponent’s weaknesses and then attacking them just so.

Slipping a few punches here and there and finally countering is something that a person who is aware and trained in drill movements, is capable of.

Not a Special Technique!

Fighters who are not as learned in the sport may end up considering head movements as special techniques and start considering them to be amenities rather than necessities, this can actually be quite dangerous for your career because boxers who start training professionally will usually focus specifically on training to learn drill movements.

This is a technique that is very commonly used in tournaments and not having knowledge and practice of them can actually be quite dangerous for your career and even your health, as it allows you to be struck easily.

Methods for Head Movement

There is a significant amount of practice that goes in to training for head movements and it takes a decent amount of self control before a person can master them. In fact, saying that you can master the technique is over confidence because there is no way to be completely sure that you have received maximum expertise.

Head movement revolves around one basic idea; instead of trying to defend the target, that is your head, with any other body parts, just move it from the situation and protect it from getting struck from any angle.

You can simply not expect to learn drill movements in a week or two, it can take months and even years because the techniques that are involved are quite complex and difficult to master.

The stealth and vigilance that is required to carry out these techniques can take weeks just to understand. Grasping the concept can take even more time. Without a clear head and a clear mind, it is next to impossible.

You need to completely focus on the techniques, this requires you to train your mind along with your physical head. In fact, the training of the mind is necessary to be able to understand their movement and react accordingly.

Thinking of head movements as a defense technique

This can throw off your game entirely. This is because you start to focus more on your opponent’s punches and get too worked up over them.

This distracts you from the real situation which is to allow your body to move rhythmically and out of danger for a decent amount of time until you decide how to attack. Then you can use this spare time to think about your offensive techniques and how you plan to make your opponent stumble and lose position.

Angling Head Movement

Angling your head, and placing it in the right position is extremely important. There are two methods with which you can do so, the upper triangle movement and the lower triangle movement, in both cases your head will create a rhythm with which you can be as swift as possible.

Hand Position

The placement of the hands is also quite important. If your head is covered and protected because of your head movements, then you can place your hands in the movements in which it will be the easiest for you to counter your opponent’s moves, and be able to attack stealthily.

Lets Wrap up

Head movement training is easily the most important part of training if you are aiming for professional boxing and proper matches.

It should be on the top of your list before learning how to punch or guard your head, granted, you have at least intermediary knowledge of boxing.

The great head movement has the ability to frustrate your opponent and tire them out and it can easily confuse the spectators as well, making the game quite interesting to watch.

It will throw your opponent off balance and give you the upper hand in the competition, making victory a much easier goal to attain.


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