Types of Punching Bags

types of punching bags

Introduction– Types of Punching Bags

With so many punching bags of different types available in the market, a fledgling fighter can get confused about which one to buy.

Don’t worry! this article has got you covered on this issue.

Punching bags are the kind of training equipment that can be very versatile when it needs to be. A punching bag can be used for the kickboxing sport, it is actually essential for that activity.

Punching bags are also frequently used for self-defense teachings where people practice with the bag as if it was a real person. Punching bags can also be commonly used for regular working out and exercising.

People simply use the punching bag to perform certain movements and actions that get their stamina going and it can help a person lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

Types of Punching Bags available in the market

There are different types of punching bags available for different kinds of activities, they are designed so that they can make your working out and training a lot easier, in the actual object department. They are usually very sturdy or less sturdy according to what you plan on using them for.

The materials they are made of can be switched according to the type you need, for example, you can purchase a bag made out of leather or canvas depending on where you decide to put it. 

1. Free Standing Punching Bags

Freestanding punching bags are very useful for the situation in which you need a mobile item. They usually come with wheels and even if they don’t, it is very easy to roll them to whatever location you want them to be in.

Standing punching bags have this quality that their gravity is lower which makes them suitable for exercises or training that may involve kicking more than punching.

They are made of an interior and outside material that makes sure that the bags do not lose their shape or deform after or during it is being used by the fighter.

2. Hanging Heavy Punching Bags

Hanging bags are usually filled with a material that makes it a lot more sturdy, and heavy and it is perfect for the professional training for a fighter.

However, It is not suitable for a person who is a beginner and is planning on using it for basic working out, it is more suited for people who are used to the heavy build of the material and can better use of it.

The good part about the hanging bag is that you can suspend it once and it saves you the trouble of setting it up every time you want to use it, granted, you have an appropriate location to mount the bag.

3. Kickboxing Bag

Apart from the standing bag, there is a bag that exists solely for the purpose of kickboxing. The bag’s shape is created in a way that it makes it easier for the fighter to perform lower or higher kick or knees suitably.

There is a section on the top for kicks and the lower region is flatter for better-performed punches. The entirety is a loner than sixty inches which makes it perfect for an overall training workout.

4. An Angled Heavy Bag

These types of punching bags are made at an angle where it makes it easier for the fighter to perform uppercuts and kicks.

These are best suited for self-defense activities and training. It can also be used for an intermediary level of kickboxing training which makes it very versatile.

5. Speed Bags

These are smaller more elliptical versions of a punching bag that people technically use for practicing their punching. The shape and size of the bag make it a lot easier for the person to remain consistent and a higher rate than normal making the bag suitable for regular boxing.

They are a lot lighter than regular bags because they are filled with air which makes it easier for the fighter to practice quick punching.

6. Large Maize Bag

The most prominent feature of the large maize is that it is lighter and hence, swings better than most of its heavier counterparts. People usually opt for this bag for use in training and such which is a lot lighter and less grueling but it does help in improving the agility of a fighter.

This is why it is mentioned in articles that it may not be good for body punch training. The swinging does enhance the swiftness at which the head will move.

7. The Teardrop Punching Bag

The teardrop punching bag is appropriately named because of its shape that is quite like a teardrop. The training that is done with the help of this punching bag essentially helps with improving accuracy.

The shape of the bag is so that the upper region is thinner than the lower region which helps in practicing punches such as uppercuts and hooks. The lower region can be used to practice effective kicking.

Finally, the fact that the bag is lighter makes it much easier to practice punching, pretending that it is a real person because it swings efficiently.

8. The Mexican Double End Bag

The Mexican double end bag is small rugby ball-shaped bag that has leather latches on either end of it, the latches usually are attached to a hook and a heavy object on the bottom part that help with the swerving of the bag which makes it feel like a person is attacking and conclusively help the person to practice defense.

There are also types depending upon the filling of the bag where a bag can be filled with textile material, sand, water, and even air.

9. Sand Bags

Sandbags are usually heavier because the granules that they are filled with have more mass to them and it makes the bags perfect for grueling workouts.

10. Water Bags

Water bags formerly did not have the tendency to be used for workouts because the materials of the exterior were prone to be punctured but not anymore which makes water bags an appropriate contender for workouts and training.


Having knowledge of the different types of bags can be quite necessary if you are planning on investing in it or you may just end up losing all your money.

By now you must be able to decide which bag is suitable for you. Most Beginners just start from a hanging heavy punching bag.

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