Why Boxing Shoes are Essential for Beginners

Boxing Shoes

Introduction – Importance of Boxing Shoes

Boxing is the kind of sport that requires the fighter’s maximum attention on their opponent. It is vital that boxers wear boxing shoes to improve mobility and agility.

Any diversions and distractions could lead to the fighter being severely hurt and injured.

It is not safe to use equipment and gear that may not be of the highest quality.

There is a lot of moving and shuffling when it comes to boxing techniques and most of them require the feet to be highly accessible and mobile.

This can be achieved by practicing your skills, but a huge factor to add to this is boxing shoes. Boxing shoes need to be near perfect for a boxer to use.

How Boxing Shoes provides Stability to a Boxer

One of the most important features of a boxing shoe is the ability to be stable.

Most boxing shoe companies achieve this, by adding grooves and fissures on the bottom of the shoe in order to create a sufficient amount of friction between the ground and the fighter’s foot.

This is very important because it keeps the boxer from falling in the middle of the tournament.

Boxing shoes are specifically designed for this purpose hence, making them perfect for a fighter who is just starting off and needs the additional balance.

One reason that regular shoes are not the best choice is the fact that those shoes aren’t exactly slip friendly, considering them for practice or tournaments can actually be quite a risk.

Some beginners just think of boxing shoes as an amenity and not something that should be necessary.

Another important advantage of good quality boxing shoes, is that they allow the fighter to swerve and pivot much easily and much smoothly.

This can give fighters a certain edge and give them more confidence during any matches. This is not possible with regular boxing shoes and beginner fighters should not take that chance.

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Comfort is an extremely important aspect of boxing shoes.

Normal shoes will eventually tire the feet of a fighter out, causing their feet to start aching and bothering them and it is possible that after that they are not capable of focusing on the game because all their attention is diverted towards the pain.

This type of distraction can be very hazardous for a fighter who is in the middle of a game because eventually the fighter will give out and results will be the fighter getting severely hurt and also, losing the match.

Boxing shoes are devised to give the fighter a thicker padding all around their foot, but especially the sole.

It may be the boxer’s choice to pick whether they want a thicker sole or a thinner sole, depending on what they feel the most comfortable and the most stable with.

The padding has an important job apart from giving the fighter maximum comfort, and that is to provide the fighter with as much stability from the base as it is possible.

Without the stability and comfort that comes from the sole, the fighter may start to experience cramping and blisters.

Weight of a Boxing Shoe

The weight is also an important factor that plays in to giving the fighter a good shoe.

When you buy a regular shoe, the weight and sizing of the shoe may not be as thought out and spread out as it would be in a boxing shoe.

The shoe might be heavier in some places where you don’t need it to be and that might disrupt your balance and throw you off your game. An evenly distributed shoe is ideal.

It should be able to keep your upright and balanced, while at the same time, it shouldn’t pull you down too hard and put too much weight on your feet.

Weight is also dependent on the boxer themselves. Before, you decide to invest in a pair of shoes, be sure to consult a professional and ask for advice as to what weight of the shoe is perfect for your body type and body weight.

Buying a pair of shoe which is too heavy because you think it will help weigh you down is actually very dangerous because you are risking the chance to stumble in the middle of a game.

You should be aware of your measurements and the shoe weight that would be perfect for them.

Ankle Support

This is very important. Your ankle is the joint on your foot that can be twisted most easily.

It can get ruptured and fractured because of the constant movement of a fighter during a match or even during practice.

If you are a beginner, ankle support is very necessary to allow you to get used to the mobility and twists of the foot without damaging your ankle bone or the flesh around it.

A good shoe can save you from injuries that could last a long, long time.

The constant change in directions and the jumping that is required in a boxing match can all be made simpler with the padding around your ankle that you get from a boxing shoe.

The contouring and memorable nature of the foam can make movements a whole lot easier.


The importance of a boxing shoe is actually quite obvious and made more evident with the help of this article.

Buying a boxing shoe may seem like a waste of money or an amenity in many situations, especially if you are just starting off. Ironically enough, that is the period where the boxing shoe is the most necessary for a fighter,

it helps train them to perform a change in directions and pivots more confidently and helps in improving the skills of a fighter. Save money, and think of buying a good boxing shoe as an investment in your safety.